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About MMORPG.Social

It’s a bit of a cliche, but mmorpg.social really is built by gamers for gamers. It’s an instance of Mastodon (a social network) especially for MMO players and online gamers. Join us and chat about the latest games, what you’re currently playing, and what upcoming releases you’re hyped for!

We created mmorpg.social with three goals:
  • To build a microblogging home for fans of MMOs and online games
  • To eliminate excessive and uninvited advertising
  • To bring back features like chronological timelines, and add new ones like editing statuses and custom emoji

This place is also intended to be a haven for creatives of all types. Bloggers, artists, cosplayers, YouTubers and streamers are all welcome to collaborate and share your craft. Whether it’s fanart of your favourite characters or amazing videos that showcase your skills, it’s all good.

You can also use a range of mastodon-compatible smartphone apps with mmorpg.social. For iOS we suggest using Amaroq, while on Android Mastalab works well.

At the moment, mmorpg.social is provided free-of-charge. It’s our intention to avoid advertising, particularly at this small stage. Should this become a popular service, we may look at ways that members can volunteer to support the site, or that organisations could sponsor it at a general level. We’re a long way from that, however, and we’ll always consult with the community before making any changes.

In particular, we will absolutely not do anything with your data outside of running the service. We will never sell your details to mailing lists, and we will never sell your information to third parties. You are people, not products.

Rules & Guidelines

Mmorpg.social is intended to be a welcoming, inclusive place that’s open to all gamers. As such, we have a few rules and guidelines that are mostly common sense. Unfortunately, repeated or extreme breaches of these rules may result in permanent suspension.

Overall, it’s pretty simple: be nice, be considerate, and don’t be a dick. Do that and we’ll all get on fantastically.

  1. Avatars and Nicknames. Your account and nickname are publically viewable, both on mmorpg.social and the wider Fediverse. Because of this, we ask that you do not use NSFW avatar images or usernames. Accounts that breach this may be temporarily or permanently suspended.
  2. NSFW Content. We appreciate that some fan-art may contain NSFW content. This is permitted, as long as it is appropriately tagged with Content Warnings. NSFW fanart that is not appropriately tagged may be deleted from the timeline and the user suspended. That said, this is not a hub for Rule 34 content, and we’d encourage anyone purely looking to post this type of content to consider a more suitable adults-only instance. Pornographic content that is not drawn or digitally sculpted (e.g. photos, movies, gifs clipped from movies, etc.), or is not MMO fan art, are not permitted. Similarly, real-life depictions of death, serious injury, and serious crimes are not permitted on this server.
  3. Illegal Content. Material that is illegal in the United States (including sexual images of children) is strictly prohibited. Any user posting such content will be immediately and permanently suspended
  4. Copyright. Discussion of ‘abandonware’ such as old consoles and cancelled MMOs is fine, including the use and development of emulators and private servers. The same is true for tools to enable the examination of data files and extraction of assets (such as model viewers and map explorers) for both retired and current games. Any requests or facilitation of emulators for current consoles, or private servers for current MMOs, or exploits and cheat tools. is not permitted.
  5. Discrimination. Racism, sexism, and all other forms of real-life discrimination are not acceptable on mmorpg.social. This also includes all form of political and religious extremism. Users breaching this rule may be warned, temporarily or permanently suspended
  6. Harassment. Repeated, targeted harassment against an individual or group is unacceptable behaviour. Users breaching this rule may be warned, temporarily or permanently suspended
  7. Community Conduct. Overall, you are expected to behave cordially to other users of mmorpg.social and the wider Mastodon fediverse. Even if you have not breached one of the rules above, but still act in a way that disrupts the community cohesion, steps may be taken against your account. This can include a warning, temporary or permanent suspension.
  8. Free Speech. As a privately owned instance of Mastodon, there is no regulation that mandates providing you with access to mmorpg.social. You have no automatic right to free speech here.
  9. Finality. Because there’s always one person that tries to creep around the rules, your access can be revoked for any reason not listed above, including to maintain operational effectiveness.
    If you see something that you feel breaches the rules, report it and an actual human will take a closer look and, if needed, take action.

    Please note that these rules are not fixed or permanent, and may change or evolve over time in response to feedback from the community of users.