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Do me a huge favour everyone? Reach out to people in your gaming circle and check in on them. Just say hi, hello, how are you, and listen.

This announcement comes as I just learned of the suicide of someone from one of my gaming groups. This makes 2 suicides in 2 years from people who were in my gaming groups.

If you need help, please ask, seek it out. Please please take care of each other during this, and *all* seasons.

Fuck. Me. Sideways. officially announced. They got Avellone, but I will miss my Pappy's touch on it!

I love being Not-A-Cockroch. It's wonderful to be Unbug!

...and this is why I love My Time at Portia. Hugging kitty!

So I just noticed that for the website used to help us track events, alerts, etc, has a built in pong game. 😍

I am SO excited by Darkest Dungeon 2!

Well V:TM fans... this just keeps getting better .. and better...

It's FRIDAY!!! A bit of cheeky fun for all this Friday:

PS. @gazimoff the suits in this place remind me of you!

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I love My Time at Portia. Little hidden gems ... like this gloriousinessessess

Have a smile fellow gamers:

Time to put on my fighting trousers!

Can I just say that Mads Mikkelsen is a beast?

Today, I've played zero games. Why? Work. At least I love my job!

...and none of this counts my tabletop games I have on the go as well.

I've found myself in a bit of a quandary. I refuse to buy another game until I finish some of the games I have. A few key ones I need to finish:
- Planet Alpha
- The Council
- Vampyr
- A Story about my Uncle
- Prison architect Multiplayer
- We Happy Few
- Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. list is currently 25 games and it includes MMO games like Warframe, FFXIV and co-op games like 7 Days to Die, ARK, and Elite Dangerous.

Save me from my game list! Eesh.

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