That's right, this would be our second year of RP on the Chaos Datacenter. As such we're welcoming you all to our usual venue for the anniversary bash!

Wedsnesday June 19th, 6pm Server Time!
Goblet Ward 4, Plot 13

Additional Information Can be found at the following Link:

I'd just like to thank an old friend, as they did a midsummer faire sometime last year and the stall idea was heavily inspired by that. Thanks Calamity Janine.

@razaphale oh my gosh ;o;

i'm too low spoons to properly words but it's such an honor to be even vaguely associated with such high quality shit <3 and y'all - seeing how the Iron Lynx became such a vibrant mainstay of rp - were really the ones that inspired ME to begin with!!!

HAVE A KICKASS EVENT, it looks utterly gorgeous and i know y'all are going to fuckin CRUSH IT!!!!!!!! 💖 💖 💖

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