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AHHHHHH! Finally! I finally have set up a price list website. Took me long enough eh? 😂

For those interested here:-

The W.I.P's I'm posting are from a raffle I did at xmas for a lot of Roleplay friends. 8 winners were drawn. So far I have 5 of the roughs done.

For those interested, I have limited commission spaces, however I have a 20% sale on right now since we're all entering 2020!

First page. No text. Are you all ready for what's coming?

If anyone's interested in Minecraft? I stream it on mixer.

Saturdays are scary games or something different though.

So I finally got to the end of maps the other day. THREE TIMES in the same group of FOUR.

We also got mister Construct there twice.

The Lynx went out on a Venture.... This was the result...

Kiyo NSFW, one of the few in the Litor family. This was done last year.

A sketch I did sometime last year, but I'm considering redrawing it and coloring it properly.

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