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AHHHHHH! Finally! I finally have set up a price list website. Took me long enough eh? 😂

For those interested here:-

Hello there people I just set up a twitter account for the webcomic so that people can stay up to date with progress.

Please follow so that I can get an idea of how many people are interested! ❣️

Two more Raffle Pieces for you all to see. I've been kinda lax on putting these out and might've taken a short break because I damaged my AC joint and needed a steroid injection to fix the swelling.

Started putting together maps for Roll20 campaigns. Here's one of a town street. I threw a watermark on it as you can see but I'm now doing custom maps for people over on my website

Two textless pages from my upcoming webcomic series Vae Ene.

Want to learn about that world?

Check out the website! It's a work in progress but it's being updated gradually and already has a certain amount of lore!

I believe it's time to start showing the finished results of the raffle pieces. Here was the first finished piece! Batzorig Kahkol!

The W.I.P's I'm posting are from a raffle I did at xmas for a lot of Roleplay friends. 8 winners were drawn. So far I have 5 of the roughs done.

For those interested, I have limited commission spaces, however I have a 20% sale on right now since we're all entering 2020!

If anyone's interested in Minecraft? I stream it on mixer.

Saturdays are scary games or something different though.

So I finally got to the end of maps the other day. THREE TIMES in the same group of FOUR.

We also got mister Construct there twice.

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