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AHHHHHH! Finally! I finally have set up a price list website. Took me long enough eh? 😂

For those interested here:-

If anyone's interested in Minecraft? I stream it on mixer.

Saturdays are scary games or something different though.

So I finally got to the end of maps the other day. THREE TIMES in the same group of FOUR.

We also got mister Construct there twice.

The Lynx went out on a Venture.... This was the result...

Kiyo NSFW, one of the few in the Litor family. This was done last year.

A sketch I did sometime last year, but I'm considering redrawing it and coloring it properly.

Little sprite looking thing I did a few years back. Figure I might as well post it here.

Finished Hnode, if you see this please retoot, I'm an artist looking for work. You can find my prices at the following link. I'll be doing this style for a short time £10 for head shot, £15 for half body like you see in this picture. No full body.

Posted on Twitter so posting here too! Tried a new style, this is how it turned out!

Coloured commission slots are now taken up. Will update when they're open again. I do still have sketch and grey scales open though!

Tried my hand at something uh different. Yeah let's say different.

£4 - £6 commission, my sketches are pretty 'cheap' apparently, though I like to call them affordable. Everyone's gotta eat, I know I do but so do the people who buy art. Never have believed in charging ridiculous prices for something I ENJOY doing.

Don't think I ever uploaded the finished thing where this is concerned, so here it is.

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