Speaking of , I finally finished the Eternal Empire/Throne stuff. I was thoroughly surprised by the ending, albeit I have mixed feelings on some of the smaller bits. Still, it was good to see my light-sided Sith stick to his morals and not shafted story-wise with his choices.

@pyra I miss playing SWTOR, but I walked away from it about a year ago. Too many games, not enough time.

@pyra I'm curious to hear your take on the post Eternal Throne content... it also has some odd choices :)

SWTOR Spoilers 

@belghast One of the biggest choices I made was letting Arcann live. Normally, I would not have let the bastard live, however, I took pity on Space-Mom Senya who has been an advocate for her children since the very beginning of the game. As I'm playing a Light-sided character who has always been about diplomacy and allies, taking the Throne as a peacekeeper wasn't something I had in mind. And as I move into new content, it seems like it was all for nothing. (1/X)

More SWTOR spoilers. 

@belghast The fight against Vaylin and Valkorian was nice, as in the mechanics were interesting, and while it didn't matter much, being prompted to use light or dark side abilities felt like it had some impact. Had I not read up on Dulfy prior, I don't think I would have understood the fight - but then I wonder if it would have truly mattered at all? In the end, the EE/ET will be one of my favorite stories -- including the stuff (2/X)

Even MORE spoilers. 

@belghast leading up to it. As a fan of KOTOR and Revan, the build up of the Shadows of Revan leading into the Ziost arc and then diving into Zakuul was a long and unexpected journey, but a fun one nonetheless. Losing Darth Marr was the biggest and saddest thing for me and I wish he had played a bigger role in the end. In the end, I was glad to experience the whole thing and it was well worth it. :D

Even MORE spoilers. 

@pyra Overall I have been super impressed with the story in game

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