Finally grabbed my last two masks. Sadly, my map is bugged, so a friend and I had to jump between random player maps to find a non-bugged instance. Still, nice to have finished. Somewhat related, but I've hit 200 hours of play time for this game. Love it. Looking forward to trying the raid.

SE and Amazon are doing a promotion. (Unfortunately this seems to only apply to NA folks. CA folks have to pay extra.) Must be a qualifying digital game purchase of $19.99 or more. The code will be emailed to you. Digital Time Cards DO apply. Qualifying purchases will have "Black Fat Chocobo DLC" listed under it. And it will also tell you if it qualifies when reviewing your order.

New tanking glamour in preparation for Shadowbringers. Out of the way, edge-lords.

Just call me Bubblegum Bitch, the Pink Ranger of Rainbow Hunters.

A lot of the "leaks" in the /r/ffxiv community are fake. Please don't take them seriously. Be chill and wait for the official news and announcements in the upcoming weeks.

A newly posted interview with Naoki Yoshida confirms more glamour dresser storage (up to 400 slots) and more fun stuff:

Some new screenshots of my girl, Julienne, an Ishgardian astrologian. (I've been testing out Stormshade 4.x with some new presets.)

Btw, the celebration goodie bag consists of 4 Stronghold posters and 1 name flair.

For anyone that has an active account, you can input: SWCELEBRATION19 -- to get free goodies from the latest expansion preview. (Log in to your account and go to Code Redemption.)

Speaking of , I finally finished the Eternal Empire/Throne stuff. I was thoroughly surprised by the ending, albeit I have mixed feelings on some of the smaller bits. Still, it was good to see my light-sided Sith stick to his morals and not shafted story-wise with his choices.

I've been playing SWTOR for the last several days. And when I go back into FFXIV, I keep finding myself spamming the spacebar to skip cutscenes... T _T I've only myself to blame.

Thanks to the free transfers for the NA side, I was able to relocate to a medium house this morning. \o/

This week's fashion report is super easy! You can get 80 from vendor items. Here's the latest infograph:

I have a bad habit of letting my fingers go faster than my brain. I really gotta work on proof-reading the shit I type. XD

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