Some more art of my Gunbreaker. Shadowbringers cannot come soon enough.

Getting fit while still enjoying my online hobbies is the goal for 2019. Since January, I've been walking a quarter or half mile every day. I take my dogs and Pokemon Go! with me. (Sometimes my husband, too.) The changes we want to see starts with ourselves.

I created and added a "weapon display" to the office. It really ties in the room rather nicely. :D

Working on leveling Ninja in and it's been a lot of fun.

900 channels and nothing good to watch. (A part of my character's office/laboratory.)

My girl, getting ready to whoop ass as a Gunbreaker. Here we come, Shadowbringers.

Sorry for the radio silence lately. As they say, when it rains, it pours. Good thing I have an umbrella. Still get wet, but, better than being soaked.

For us NA folk, the 's EU Fan-Fest streams starts at 4AM EST // 1AM PST Saturday morning. :ffxivmsq:

in my ?! It's more likely (modded) than you think! The Carnivore Assault Transport (C.A.T) is available on the mod site and Discord, thanks to Mei/Snowfox102.

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Some art I did of my elezen in one of the upcoming armor designs from the armor design contest. (I didn't design the armor, but I love it so much.)

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I ran this boss 99 times (not including the wipes) to get all the totems to finally get this doggo. But it's finally mine.

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@mythros helped me power-level BLU. It took a little over an hour and a half to get from 1 to 50.

PSA: Healers, despite what is told to you, you ARE expected to DPS when you hit cap. This is especially true in EXtreme and Savage content. Your healing kit and abilities are strong enough to make this happen, so learn how to utilize your class and anticipate 100% participation. Learning how to master your abilities makes you a powerful healer and great boon to your party/static.

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Welp, the pose possibilities with this class are just too good.

@mythros and I finally finished decorating the FC's new house. There's more pictures here: casually-pretending-ffxiv.tumb -- Unfortunately we hit item limit so we couldn't furnish the basement. But what we have now is fantastic. :D

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