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Two Titans and a Hunter.
A Destiny 2 podcast.
We are not streamers or YouTubers.
We talk
We play.
We record.

Episode 18. Defining Opulance.

Video (corrected):

3 hours of Destiny may be too much Destiny.
How about with people trying to raid for the first time?

Follow your favorite Two Titans and a Hunter as they drive sparrows poorly, can't read a map and waste more bullets than have ever been made.

Stardew Valley is damn near perfect.
Low-key. Relaxing. Plenty to do.
Enjoying playing with my wife (taking turns on the Switch). We are in Year 2 and I'm continuously amazed at the little details.

Better late than never.

Episode 15: Reveler's End of @2Titans_Hunter is up on Youtube.

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“Just install Linux on it” is the “just change the engine of your car” of tech.

Not everyone is a mechanic, not everyone wants to be a mechanic, and, if we want a world where freedom is the norm, we must stop expecting everyone to become a mechanic.

Note: this is not because these people are too dumb to be mechanics. It’s because they’re brain surgeons and space-shuttle pilots and they have three kids and they care for a loved one and they don’t have time to also be a mechanic.

Anyone familiar with setting up Micropub in WordPress?
I'm not a developer and I've gotten it half-working. But I'm missng something and I don't know what.

REVEL at the Titan Trio!
It takes three Titans getting together to let their insecurities about being a Titan come out.

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If you have something to say that’s so long it needs 8 toots to say it, maybe you should just write a blog post? 😉

Two Titans! Two Brits! It's madness!

We talk Builds, weapons, exotic armor this week with 50% more British accents.

Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.10 - Electric Boogaloo (Ft. seventhscar uk)




Whoever made up the steps for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope on Nintendo Switch is ridiculous.
My wife has now procured a crystal and is in the process of petting it for 6 days.

Realizing all I want to do is to virtually farm on the Switch with my wife.
Need more couch co-op games. The local ones are horrible. The rest need a second console.

Today was a good day. Shiny Castform, perfect IV Skuntank and a Shiny Dratini I've since evolved.

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Fediverse, hearken unto me. I have a mighty need, and only you can help.

I require articles about things millennials have killed or are killing. As many as you can bring me. Major things or insignificant. Cold takes or hot. Moderately or extremely stupid. Personal or statistical. Everything you've got, as long as you can provide a link to the source.

I wish to admire our handiwork, and the angst it has inspired. I crave this as one lost in the desert craves drink.

Boosts welcome.

Video version of Two Titans and a Hunter is live.

Listen (or watch) us scream about Enhancement Cores, Iron Banner and more Enhancement Cores!

Tri-Contintental Podcast is live!
Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.7 - Pledge of Allegiance (Ft. Andeh13)

US: peroty
UK: Nitedemon
Australia: Andeh13



Get your fix in a wider selection of accents!

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I'm looking for literature (articles, blog posts, books) that covers "succession planning" for IT/sysadmin in activist groups. Like, for a volunteer group, what happens if your IT person just leaves? What are best practices so that the group isn't locked out of their web hosting etc (simply through lack of information rather than malice on the previous IT person's fault)

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