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Leaked photo of NASA taking the sun down for maintenance

@gazimoff Yeah... I keep debating. I want to build a little bird feeder cam, and the pi zero w is the perfect tiny size... If I can get a working camera module.

@gazimoff Microcenter. There's one nearby. Debating trying one from Amazon.

I have two Pi Zero Ws and 2 camera modules.
I have 0 working cameras.
Very frustrating. Cabling is fine. One camera is detected in software. But then it doesn't communicate with raspistill or any other app.

@InfiniteHench There are. As random drops from the final boss. But the drop rates are abysmal.

Tooth, ptsd triggering 

@Dusky I am so sorry! Tooth pain is a special pain. I've had my share of those nights. Sending you soothing thoughts and pain killer hugs.

@InfiniteHench Let's talk about the Escalation Protocol weapons.

@ishiku @Dusky @eightbitsamurai

This byf video
And this timeline
Are as close as I've seen to anything cohesive with the Lore.

Recording the next Two Titans and a Hunter podcast later today. Got a clan that needs more Guardians?

Tell me about it and we'll include you in the show.
What platform(s) are you on?
What activities do you run?
What country are your members?

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Is there a website or something that tracks the number of positive things individual games and their communities contribute to the world?

For example: Destiny has caused X marriages (“I met my spouse on Discord!”) , $Y millions donated to charity, Z number of trees planted, etc.

If not, that would be kinda neat. Probably tough to quantify. But neat.

Our podcast (Two Titans and a Hunter twotitansandahunter.podbean.co ) is looking to feature a Destiny clan every week.

Tell us about our clan! We're on Xbox but we want to feature everyone everywhere.

Hit us up at twotitansandahunter@hotmail.com

What's your clan name?
What platform(s)?
Why should someone join?

@InfiniteHench I've still got mine from year 1, looking forward to picking up this one.

If you are looking for a stupdendously comfortable pair of bluetooth headphones (that can also use wired) I heartily recommend these:


Quiet enough for rowdy DC Metro rides and lawn mowing.
All-day battery life for drowning out noise co-workers.

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