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currently running a lvl 60 bard

Rain of Death! :)

Did anyone else pick up that free copy of Morrowind yesterday from Bethesda? Twitter flooded when their site collapsed. ouch
wow 25 years of video gaming with Bethesda.


I remember playing that on xbox in 2002 -- yikes

*possible gloomhaven spoiler* Show more

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24 Common Cognitive Biases.

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got a compliment on my gear this morning
lvl 63 monk. Monk gear + some Ironworks armor . a Little Wolverine ala that kid in Logan?

So my wife decided to be a f Miqo'te. I play a f Lalafell with a darker complexion, sort of the opposite of me I guess. She likes her decision. Here is a shot of us, w/ me chowing on some food. I have been on fence about changing my race to maybe a m Hyur. Think I will stay for a while.

odo out doing some early morning hunting as Blue Mage lvl 35

Yes .. I am new to FFXIV (only few months); I do not even understand what a lalafell is! :) just thought it was an innocent cute creature; I just play RPG's mainly to dungeon crawl, so I do not know much about the role-playing aspect of things! I chose a small female because I found it funnily ironic to be a Warrior tank who is so tiny! :) .. also I guess this whole topic is very complicated and possibly delicate!

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Struggling to get to grips with MMORPG.Social? Hopefully our hot-off-the-press Getting Started guide will help!


airship travel early in game. So nice to discover this! Much cheaper to travel when you are very new and poor! And nice scenery!

players I have question, need guidance:

what is your philosophy for your character gender & race?

I just finished Realm Reborn, and now have the fantasia potion and can now change my race and gender. Am considering just doing a male Hyur. I am irl mainly hetero white male. I started game as a f lalafell just to provide diversity(?). My wife was a f Miqo'te, she sort of did an idealized version of herself. I don't want to overly sexualize my character.

an interesting looking fellow I encountered in Gridania the other day

hi. I am new to Mastodon. been playing with wife for past few months . will try to post some screenshots of my character. crafting and learning to play in a party on those dungeons!!


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