So remember a while back I said those wings wouldn't be in character for Dacien? >.>; I guess I lied. Boy finally got his character development to get them.

Some nerds at the Gold Saucer. One of the screens I snagged while a bunch of us from the FC were out racing chocobos and generally getting into shenanigans. With @novasiri

“ There’s no dreams in the waves, only monsters
And the monsters are my only friends

They’re all that I was
And never could be


Now I wait
This metamorphosis
All that is left is the change” - Starset : Unbecoming

My Garlean elf on Mateus. Sabryste Valeriant. (He's a transplant of one of the characters from my original work. He makes a pretty elezen though.)

Some shenanigans with our fc mates/friends last night. I'm not sure I can even explain the how it got to this point but we were crying laughing.

That feeling when you finally get your pc back from being repaired and all your data is gone for no reason with no explanation and now your headset won't work on it either. I'm surprisingly more sad about the screenshots if I'm honest. Though the headset is an annoying inconvenience it can be fixed. The rest is long gone.

As always, I still love this trash heap the most. Dacien's always going to be one of my strongest muses.

So due to content lull and other reasons I gave in to the itch of poking at WoW again. I haven't gotten BFA and have no intention to right now. I'm mostly just enjoying dorking around on this silly boy and writing stories involving him and some other characters since it's helping me get past my writing funk.

Finally done with that. Now to just finish Machinist and all DoW/DoM jobs are done too.

Minor adjustments on Evie's 'garden' in her FC room. Moved some plants around, added a few more and put the loft in.

We took glamour shots tonight. Suffice to say I took a ton of this nerd.

“As the sun falls another day closes. What will the night bring I wonder? I wonder that more than what the next morning holds. After all, it is in the shadows of night where the truth dwells.”

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I created and added a "weapon display" to the office. It really ties in the room rather nicely. :D

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900 channels and nothing good to watch. (A part of my character's office/laboratory.)

More random screens of this nerd. Finishing up Machinist then the only thing left is finishing Fisher to 70. Progress? I think?

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