Finally done with that. Now to just finish Machinist and all DoW/DoM jobs are done too.

Minor adjustments on Evie's 'garden' in her FC room. Moved some plants around, added a few more and put the loft in.

We took glamour shots tonight. Suffice to say I took a ton of this nerd.

“As the sun falls another day closes. What will the night bring I wonder? I wonder that more than what the next morning holds. After all, it is in the shadows of night where the truth dwells.”

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I created and added a "weapon display" to the office. It really ties in the room rather nicely. :D

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900 channels and nothing good to watch. (A part of my character's office/laboratory.)

More random screens of this nerd. Finishing up Machinist then the only thing left is finishing Fisher to 70. Progress? I think?

“I walk amongst the shadows, one step at a time. A delicate dance upon the edge of a blade. Will you join me and unravel the secrets locked in it’s depths?”

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My girl, getting ready to whoop ass as a Gunbreaker. Here we come, Shadowbringers.

Get good news about one bad thing today, get bad news about the other bad thing today. What's the best way to tell my boss 'Hi no I'm not going to work overtime without either time and a half or the raise you haven't given me for the last 3 years' without getting fired. x.x

Mouse, likely looking for a bite of Dacien and Junius' snack.

Dacien and Junius have gone plaid. (A joke from a while back just got confirmed during the event. I'm dying here! XD )

It's done! Finally! I've been trying for a while to get this finished so now big golden firebird joins my Kirin mount! I guess that just leaves dogs to go after now. XD

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Some art I did of my elezen in one of the upcoming armor designs from the armor design contest. (I didn't design the armor, but I love it so much.)

During maintenance the other night I might have poked at a Dacien in Aion. :o Whoops!

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