Booted up Project 1999 to satiate my EQ reminiscence of late. I do miss purity of grinding even though pre-WASD controls are horrifying.

@mrrrfgrgr EQ would be so much more enjoyable if we could somehow patch the client to behave like a modern MMO control wise at least

@mrrrfgrgr with Syl checking out Gran Skrea Online, I picked that up and going to check it out too, it looks like it might fill that niche

@belghast I need to read up on it more. The first thing I saw was PvP and I clicked away.

@mrrrfgrgr yeah they responded to me specifically yesterday and it seems to have safe zones and then zones with varying degrees of pvp danger

@belghast Maybe I should just hang up my carebear outfit and visit Felucca for once.

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