I watched a speedrun of Morrowind recently and it really made me want to play EverQuest again. I miss how mysterious big open worlds were when there weren't maps, icons, and pointers everywhere.

@mrrrfgrgr I think more than anything... I want to feel the way I felt when I used to play those games. I haven't had that pure sense of wonder in a really long time.

@belghast The closest I've gotten has been with games like Terraria and Minecraft where it is nearly impossible to predict what is around the corner.

@mrrrfgrgr I admit a lot of why I am still following Pantheon is because Brad McQuaid games tend to capture that sense of confusion and exploration in equal parts.

@belghast We can only hope. I do worry the older greats lucked into their classics though.

@mrrrfgrgr I am concerned that he keeps building essentially the same game over and over

@belghast This pre-alpha video I just watched has face pulling, so ... yeah it is just more EverQuest.

@mrrrfgrgr I actually just tried Everquest recently. I didn't get too far, (still in the lengthy tutorial) but this intrigues me, so I'll keep going. ^_^

@firverior When the game first launched, it had a tutorial hidden in the installation directory that ran off a separate .exe. Pretty wild how things have changed.

@mrrrfgrgr Wow, that is pretty crazy. In a some games, the tutorial still feels pretty separate though, so that's still sort of similar in a way. I'd love it if more games made things a bit more seamless.

@firverior I kind of like the idea of doing it entirely separate, if only so crazy folks like me can skip it entirely.

@mrrrfgrgr Oh, fair point. Yeah, I suppose it'd be pretty challenging to make it "seamless" and skippable at the same time.

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