Some of the ways your character poses in during a scene always make me laugh.

I am happy to be done with the Rogue story in . I couldn't understand a damn thing they said. Glad the foreigner ninjas speak proper English!

My favorite MMORPG cliche:

HURRY ADVENTURER! My friend will die if you don't get help. Gather x from y so I can make a cure. Be swift!

*queue pops*

Okay, but give me an hour.

It's such a minor thing, but the ability to sit on anything in can really lend itself to some cool dramatic screenshots with the NPCs.

Does have add-ons similar to WoW's? I'd like an easier way of tracking DOTs.

I'm still not falling in love with tanking. When does Paladin really come online proper?

Plus no need to give everyone a DPS mode or make every class solo (on their own) viable. Pure support classes may even be able to be brought back!

I think the secret to making a new old school MMO would be to design it with "mercenaries" in mind. That way you can force grouping, make the world a challenging place, and all players can do most content with AI friends.

I probably should get a FC on the new toon in . I rolled on Jenova. Are FC data block or server centric?

That said, early has amazing S&M gear, including this lovely paddle.

I had forgotten how terrible OG questing is in terms of pacing. It is like reading an okay novel, but instead of turning the page to keep reading, you instead do three fetch quests before you are given the next paragraph.

Returned to with a new character. My favorite quest so far is convincing children to stop following a strange man with cookies.

@Marathal You should've warned me that I hadn't englished that post right! Damn pre-coffee mornings.

I'd buy Anthem on discount, but I am still not convinced of the MMO/Shooter. None of the awe (in this game or Destiny 1/2) that I feel in most MMORPGs. Likely not the intent, but I also find them too compromising on the loot grinding in favor of watered down RPG elements.

Booted up Project 1999 to satiate my EQ reminiscence of late. I do miss purity of grinding even though pre-WASD controls are horrifying.

I watched a speedrun of Morrowind recently and it really made me want to play EverQuest again. I miss how mysterious big open worlds were when there weren't maps, icons, and pointers everywhere.


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