@angerina @gazimoff it's clunky but you can pull up somebody's profile if you know their id number with: mmorpg.social/web/accounts/<someNumberHere>

Could have somebody else pull them up and tell you the number. (Probably easier to wait for Gaz, I'm just procrastinating my Shadowrun prep 🀣 )

@angerina yeah, I couldn't find a mute list anywhere in settings... conundrum πŸ€”

@angerina if you go to their profile from the timeline (clicking on their name) the "..." options has an unmute but I'm not finding it on the full screen profile page.. hm

@gazimoff @angerina aaaand yep, cache issue. Don't mind me... πŸ˜‡

@gazimoff nope, just Chrome on Windows; I see it in the view that @angerina linked but the regular timeline looks like this:

@gazimoff is it just being weird on my end or does the poll not show up in the timeline (even when the post is expanded)? I do see it on the /public view though

@pyra @angerina I just assumed that's what powers the aetheryte πŸ€”

@angerina he's pretty great 🀣

Now if he'd just teach us how to build that hammer already....

They did such a great job making Forochel feel like the lonely untamed wild. ❄️ ❀️

@angerina do you auto succeed on math boss if your height is a prime number πŸ€”

@angerina @gazimoff her aggro voice line was very appropriate early on πŸ˜›

@angerina congrats! that dance is absurd in the best way 🀣

@angerina @gazimoff I do feel like they've made it harder on us this expansion cycle, in the past avoiding the patch trailers and leaks has been fine but now they're talking about major plot points in the middle of the fanfest keynote(s) and the expansion trailer. 😦

@belghast in this metaphor is the seabed fashion? πŸ˜›

@pyra the hood really puts it over the top 🀣

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