I enjoy taking gpose shots and edit them with my favorite app. I hope you don't mind me sharing them here as well :D

I've also managed to get the two birbs, and farmed 30 tomes more to get the baby Pegasus, and bucket minion. I planned on even farming for the MGP coupon but I'm done. I don't want to enter Syrcus or Labyrinth anytime soon again. Also the hiccups and lags I have to deal with lately are really annoying >>;

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While hurrying to finally finish Heavensward so I can dive deeply into Stormblood, I also grind for the Moogle tomestones. This is what I got so far - I still want two pets and I'll attempt to get the Lanners as well, but I'm not sure whether I can keep up all the queueing to get there...

It's time so - Hi everyone!
I'm giving Mastodon a second chance with a new account because I kinda enjoyed my time here but failed to use the network correctly ^^;
I'm a WoW refugee playing actively since March. My character's name is Mako Sato, and I like to go by Mako as well. My home is on Crystal-Malboro, and I'm a proud member of <SLAYR>. I'm a trained BRD and apprentice MCH; I like taking GPOSE shots.
I don't bite - most of the time :D Please say hi ^^/


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