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Chocobo Caveat Emptor - Nexus weapon nonsense in and a word of warning about the extremely poorly designed Fat Black Chocobo Mount Amazon promotion.

SE and Amazon are doing a promotion. (Unfortunately this seems to only apply to NA folks. CA folks have to pay extra.) Must be a qualifying digital game purchase of $19.99 or more. The code will be emailed to you. Digital Time Cards DO apply. Qualifying purchases will have "Black Fat Chocobo DLC" listed under it. And it will also tell you if it qualifies when reviewing your order.


That's right, this would be our second year of RP on the Chaos Datacenter. As such we're welcoming you all to our usual venue for the anniversary bash!

Wedsnesday June 19th, 6pm Server Time!
Goblet Ward 4, Plot 13

Additional Information Can be found at the following Link:

I'd just like to thank an old friend, as they did a midsummer faire sometime last year and the stall idea was heavily inspired by that. Thanks Calamity Janine.

New tanking glamour in preparation for Shadowbringers. Out of the way, edge-lords.

I had a blast talking with KingsleyMac and Cyn tonight about Destiny on The Guardian Hub

It was weird to be on a show without a guy screaming about the game and a disappointed Brit.

For that, you need Two Titans and a Hunter at

More Destiny is always better. Listen to both shows and leave iTunes reviews and tell them peroty sent you.

Just call me Bubblegum Bitch, the Pink Ranger of Rainbow Hunters.

Equilinox - cute little simulation game. Just wondering how long until I get to the meerkats. :D

‪I thought I’d sneak in one alliance raid before bed last night, and fired up the Duty roulette. ‬

‪And got Dun Caith on my newbie healer. ‬

‪For everyone that died repeatedly and got a massive repair bill: I’m so sorry. ‬

‪Still cleared it though!‬

Now that the soundtracks are on Spotify, I've built a playlist for when I'm in the gym.

It's called the "Warrior of Light Workout", and you can find it here:

Curious Case of Stadia - I go on at length about the pre-E3 Google Stadia presser and why we are probably not the target audience.

Engadget's Destiny 2 article appeared to have been published earlier than it should have. Seems like Destiny 2 and all Year 1 DLC will be going free-to-play, which I did not expect at all. It's also being released on Steam, which is nice. Cross-save between PC and Xbox is being added, but not with PS4, unfortunately.

E3 approaches!

Any news that you're looking forward to?

Personally, I'm hoping for a little more on Shadowbringers, and maybe some details on Ashes of Creation. Oh, and there's the Destiny 2 leak that points to some new content too!

Still working on my Shadowbringers prep. I'm thinking I'll spend most of my time getting my Bard (main) ready.

I'm also keen on getting a healing job up to 70 (probably white mage). Not too bothered about tank as I'm going to play Gunbreaker eventually.

Good news, folks! has now been updated to Mastodon 2.8.4!

Some minor feature updates, but it's mostly a collection of bug fixes etc.


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