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Original Start is Best Start - playing around on an alt that I created as a joke and realizing that the original ESO start is the best starting experience

So, the internets will flood with Shadowbringers news today! What are you looking forward to hearing about the most?

Guinea Pigs and Stone Men - explanation of my absence and some talk about my experiences exploring Crowfall

So I was out and about and decided to try a Fate against some huge mob, and two healers jumped in to support me. So I guess I was pseudo-tanking (on a lancer). We woulda done it but we ran out of time. Fun though.

So what is easier for a relative noob, healing or tanking? I'm thinking it's time to push myself out of my DPS no-pressure comfort zone.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Personally, I went to London Comic Con with my brother in law. He had a great time, and I managed to get some nice merch.

Other than that, I've been working on reviews and articles for this week. Got a big workload ahead!

OK I won't keep you on the edge of your seats any longer.I'm going to the Crystal Data Center, hopefully Malboro since it is preferred. I know you all wanted to know. LOL

So, here's the designs for the characters I will be introducing to the chaos datacenter...

3 hours of Destiny may be too much Destiny.
How about with people trying to raid for the first time?

Follow your favorite Two Titans and a Hunter as they drive sparrows poorly, can't read a map and waste more bullets than have ever been made.

My lalafellin lass Lulukei is being fantasiad and name changed in to my viera when I get early access.

AggroChat #253 - Thiamine and Riboflavin - Technical difficulties, Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter Changes, Crowfall: Now More than a Tech Demo, Total War: Three Kingdoms, WoW Classic claims more victims, Games Workshop Contrast paint

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Blog Post:


I was thinking I might be able to use the Shadowbringers benchmark tool as a way to justify some hardware upgrades

Back comes the result: "Extremely High" :hq:

Oh well. :paissa:

Holy crap. Just finished the Tsukoyomi fight in .


Managed to get up to iLevel 343 in this evening, which means I can finally do Castrum Fluminis and progress the MSQ.

Looks like tomorrow will have Trials! :ffxivmsq:

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