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Apologies for the radio silence - I've been absolutely knackered most of the time recently.

Get up, go to work, get home, sleep.

Some new screenshots of my girl, Julienne, an Ishgardian astrologian. (I've been testing out Stormshade 4.x with some new presets.)

Screenshot Saturday: New Home in ESO - At least, they have housing! Although I wish it was more than just placing individual items.

Heavensward is currently free on PSN and on the Square Enix Store in the EU:

Great for those who got FFXIV on PC through Twitch Prime or only own the Starter Edition on PS4. Hopefully this promotion happens in NA too so more people can take advantage of this! :carbongos:

PSA: :ffxivmsq: is having a 'Golden Week' sale on the US store. 50% off the Complete Edition or Stormblood xpac. Details here -

AggroChat #250 - Planeswalkers for Days - This week we have special host @ammosart and talk about Breaking Rules for a better experience, Marvel Future Fight, Fight Sticks, MTG War of the Spark, Lancer RPG System, and Persona 5 Royal
Direct Download:

Blog Post:


War of the Spark Pre-order Packs - This morning I talk about opening War of the Spark packs and some of the cards I already know I will be playing with.

Marvel Future Fight Thoughts - in a fit of nostalgia for Marvel Heroes ARPG... I land on playing around with this mobile game

For anyone that has an active account, you can input: SWCELEBRATION19 -- to get free goodies from the latest expansion preview. (Log in to your account and go to Code Redemption.)

Btw, the celebration goodie bag consists of 4 Stronghold posters and 1 name flair.

is now fixed on linux! Make sure to check the thread here to get it working!

Mortal Kombat 11 - Early Thoughts - played through the intro sequence last night, and some thoughts about it. Mild spoilers.

Jedi Train Heist - Crisis at Umbara and what would have probably been a major story mic drop... trying to keep these largely spoiler free

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