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Wife, one of our best friends, and me taking a breather in Division 2 over the weekend

Outward and Blades - this weekend I try two new games... Outward and Elder Scrolls: Blades... also how to play on unsupported devices

Managed to play a little more last night and unlock Castrum Fluminis :ffxivmsq:

Not done the encounter yet, but the strategy looks intense. Fingers crossed I can get through it!

I've been feeling like playing FF lately I've been out of it since October/November. I need to get all my Characters ready for shadowbringers. I also really wanna get these ultimate clears.

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was spent over at Rezzed, a small gaming expo in London that focuses heavily on the indie scene.

Lots of point-and-click adventures, lots of roguelikes, but not a lot that really grabbed me this time around.

Then again, I was ridiculously tired, which may have had something to do with it ;)

I'm looking for a very flat gaming keyboard, but with concave keys, does anyone have recommendations?

Man, I love this so much. It also makes it easy to pick up the future base theme. I'm so looking forward to it.

" SHADOWBRINGERS Reveal Trailers 8-bit Chiptune Remix Medley (Unofficial)"

I never played Borderlands 1 or 2, so I’m not really on the hype train for the third instalment. But it’s great to see so many people excited that it’s happening ☺️

Anyone care to join me? Character name is Lord_Donavyn, guild leader of Storm Wardens.

Borderlands Still Fun - some talk about playing the remastered version last night, and talk about Borderlands 3 and luke-warm takes on Epic Game Store exclusivity

Time to commit: I got myself a Hildibrand questing outfit.

Too often, I hear about a studio asking “how can we make a game like x”. It assumes that because x is successful any game like x will also.

It’s wrong.

Instead, they should ask “what is it about how x was developed that made it successful, and how can we adopt those methods?”

I did it! I finally have the glasses emote! And it's glorious on midlander 💜

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