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I give it two weeks before you buy another fantasia ;)

Spent a couple of hours on FF last night, got up to level 10. Still figuring out some bits with it but coming along nicely.

The fight is finally over. For ShB, I know what alt jobs I'll be leveling first. Save the best ones for last.

Some friends (Caelith/Klaisen and Surl) can't longer afford to live at their current place and were looking to move. However, their car was stolen last night. (A PD report has been filed.) Please consider sending a donation and giving a hand:

odo out doing some early morning hunting as Blue Mage lvl 35

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Saw this in a Solarpunk group and someone said it could be the seed to start an epic saga. I present it here as an offering to the writers: please take it and make a Solarpunk masterpiece.

Morning all! The weekend is soo close, and I’m hoping to have a little more time for so that I can push through more 4.x content.

How about everyone else? Any weekend gaming plans?

... I regret turning hyur. I miss my miqo'te. WHY DO I KEEP SWITCHING AWAY FROM MIQO'TE?!

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Morning all! So, question for you:

How do you keep gaming when time is short? Do you slim down the number of games you play, or switch to mobile, or something else?

Asking for... well me ;)

I haven't messed around in Gpose lately ... felt like getting some practice in with Isa this morning :carbongos:

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Morning all!

Back at work today, and the skies are dreary as heck. Still smiling though!

Yes .. I am new to FFXIV (only few months); I do not even understand what a lalafell is! :) just thought it was an innocent cute creature; I just play RPG's mainly to dungeon crawl, so I do not know much about the role-playing aspect of things! I chose a small female because I found it funnily ironic to be a Warrior tank who is so tiny! :) .. also I guess this whole topic is very complicated and possibly delicate!

Looking forward to Division 2 so I can take a nice break from XIV.

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