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Best low budget WordPress host, does anyone have suggestions?

anyway here is this rather lovely article

if you play #WoW or #ffxiv or do roleplay in any sort of mmorpg, i would highly recommend this read

it's one of the rare articles from major news media that not only treats roleplay in mmorpgs respectfully, but as a positive thing, highlighting the lasting friendships that can result from them - and how important these can be to disabled folks.

bring tissues tho. you will cry.

This is a really good video that introduces all of the jobs/classes. Well worth a look if you're considering playing the game. (like @Nogamara )

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Happy Friday everyone here! Wishing you a super good weekend !! 🌞 🌸 🌟 - Image from

If you want to get into but don't have Twitch Prime for the free starter pack, hit me up. I have a couple of spares 😊

Saw this at FanFest in Paris, but I was too slow at ordering a copy. Luckily it was still in stock online. This beast of a book is absolutely beautiful. :ffxivmsq_comp:

Now to work out a way to get Vol. 1 from the US merch store.

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My girl, getting ready to whoop ass as a Gunbreaker. Here we come, Shadowbringers.

Shadowbringers preordered! :carbongos:

Now to wait for the digital preorder items to arrive in March.

Unlocked Warrior in ! :ffxivmsq_comp:

Though I can't help but feel like a walking steam iron...


Released episode 1 of Two Titans and a Hunter - a Destiny Podcast with my Fr0zen clanmates today.


It's been submitted to iTunes/Spotify/etc but will take some time to become available.

We're learning. We're having fun. Take a listen if you care to. Drop us some feedback to me here or via email at

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