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Best low budget WordPress host, does anyone have suggestions?

anyway here is this rather lovely article

if you play #WoW or #ffxiv or do roleplay in any sort of mmorpg, i would highly recommend this read

it's one of the rare articles from major news media that not only treats roleplay in mmorpgs respectfully, but as a positive thing, highlighting the lasting friendships that can result from them - and how important these can be to disabled folks.

bring tissues tho. you will cry.

This is a really good video that introduces all of the jobs/classes. Well worth a look if you're considering playing the game. (like @Nogamara )

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Happy Friday everyone here! Wishing you a super good weekend !! 🌞 🌸 🌟 - Image from

If you want to get into but don't have Twitch Prime for the free starter pack, hit me up. I have a couple of spares 😊

Saw this at FanFest in Paris, but I was too slow at ordering a copy. Luckily it was still in stock online. This beast of a book is absolutely beautiful. :ffxivmsq_comp:

Now to work out a way to get Vol. 1 from the US merch store.

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My girl, getting ready to whoop ass as a Gunbreaker. Here we come, Shadowbringers.

Shadowbringers preordered! :carbongos:

Now to wait for the digital preorder items to arrive in March.

Unlocked Warrior in ! :ffxivmsq_comp:

Though I can't help but feel like a walking steam iron...


Released episode 1 of Two Titans and a Hunter - a Destiny Podcast with my Fr0zen clanmates today.


It's been submitted to iTunes/Spotify/etc but will take some time to become available.

We're learning. We're having fun. Take a listen if you care to. Drop us some feedback to me here or via email at

Finally buckled down and updated ALL the existing Spot of Mummery story posts on the WordPress Archive page last night. How about that! Play

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