@pyra Aye, just need to find some people to have ramen with now :)

@makothemiqo It's definitely worth it, and the MSQ through Heavensward is soooooo good!

@Sulaco Yeah, I'm super hyped for it too! I managed to finishe the MSQ, so now I'm just working on clearing down my backlog to free up space in the journal. That and get a few more gear upgrades while I still can!

@pyra Yeah, I've tried to use this but , after some research, I found out it was US only. Apparently the codes can't be redeemed in EU :(

SE and Amazon are doing a promotion. (Unfortunately this seems to only apply to NA folks. CA folks have to pay extra.) Must be a qualifying digital game purchase of $19.99 or more. The code will be emailed to you. Digital Time Cards DO apply. Qualifying purchases will have "Black Fat Chocobo DLC" listed under it. And it will also tell you if it qualifies when reviewing your order.


That's right, this would be our second year of RP on the Chaos Datacenter. As such we're welcoming you all to our usual venue for the anniversary bash!

Wedsnesday June 19th, 6pm Server Time!
Goblet Ward 4, Plot 13

Additional Information Can be found at the following Link:

I'd just like to thank an old friend, as they did a midsummer faire sometime last year and the stall idea was heavily inspired by that. Thanks Calamity Janine.

New tanking glamour in preparation for Shadowbringers. Out of the way, edge-lords.

I had a blast talking with KingsleyMac and Cyn tonight about Destiny on The Guardian Hub theguardianhub.com

It was weird to be on a show without a guy screaming about the game and a disappointed Brit.

For that, you need Two Titans and a Hunter at twotitansandahunter.podbean.co

More Destiny is always better. Listen to both shows and leave iTunes reviews and tell them peroty sent you.

Just call me Bubblegum Bitch, the Pink Ranger of Rainbow Hunters.

Equilinox - cute little simulation game. Just wondering how long until I get to the meerkats. :D nerdybookahs.wordpress.com/201

@Aywren Super congrats! I’ve not picked up anything yet, but I’ve not been grinding heavily either.

‪I thought I’d sneak in one alliance raid before bed last night, and fired up the Duty roulette. ‬

‪And got Dun Caith on my newbie healer. ‬

‪For everyone that died repeatedly and got a massive repair bill: I’m so sorry. ‬

‪Still cleared it though!‬

@belghast Also, Stadia Base feels like a really weak offering. With Google's rep for killing off products, why would anyone buy games on the platform? Especially the $60 plus that new titles launch at?

It feels like they're going to repeat the mistakes of OnLive, Gaikai, etc, and provide a service and storefront that just doesn't grab people.

@belghast I think it'll struggle.

The sub is required to play from a collection of older games. Without a sub, you only get games you buy through their store.

But it also requires a meaty internet connection. There's some stats from Ookla etc that suggest most gamers will struggle to get 4K60fps. Your typical non-gamer internet connection (10-20mbps DSL) will deliver a pretty poor experience

Now that the soundtracks are on Spotify, I've built a playlist for when I'm in the gym.

It's called the "Warrior of Light Workout", and you can find it here: open.spotify.com/playlist/4exK

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