REVEL at the Titan Trio!
It takes three Titans getting together to let their insecurities about being a Titan come out.

The Eternal Throne - talk about @ammosart commissions and the new collage logo... also a return to SWTOR and Eternal Throne content

And just like that, I'm playing Warhammer Online again. O.o And now, I actually have a PC that can run the game. :p

@dungeonhack not yet, but it’s on the plan! Hopefully this weekend.

Not had much time to play this weekend, which has been annoying.

However, I have a Bluetooth keyboard arriving today which should make playing the PC on TV one heck of a lot easier.

@supster131 @pyra Thanks so much for this - I’ll try and squeeze in time to get the required coins!

Has a great run in yesterday. Only got a single shiny, but I managed to get enough candy to evolve up a couple of Salamences.

Even better though - I finally finished the Meltan quest! Feel like I’m all caught up now :)

They did such a great job making Forochel feel like the lonely untamed wild. ❄️ ❤️

@dungeonhack I am seriously not sure. Nostalgia is a helluva drug.

Can someone tell me why Skyrim inspires such deep introspection, pride, and ferocity in its fans?

Some pictures from my FC's Social RP event tonight. It was a very fun game and tested how well the characters knew their beasts and primals. :D

@pyra the mount is available for MGP? Time to hit the cactpot!

Don't skip out on this week's fashion report for , especially if you want to get the Regalia mount from the XV collab event next week. (You need 200k MGP for the car.)

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