I play a lot of location-based games (a.k.a. ) but this one? I wonder how fun this will be.

Who will play?

Earth pre-registration in Google Play is now available.


It’s been a while, so a quick update on all things Gazz:

Completed Shadowbringers, thoroughly loved it, and wrote a review on it. Started raiding and working on secondary jobs.

Son is now 6 months old and devouring a lot of my time. He’s adorable, but needs a lot of attention.

Not doing Gamescom for the first time in years, which feels great.

Lots of other RL stuff happening, which I’ll share in the next few months. Keeping me very busy!

@peroty might be worth a shot, aye. Still annoying as heck.

@peroty That’s really annoying. Where did you get the camera modules from?

@anna Apologies for the *very* late reply - the last few months have been chaos.

Help with the Covenant (if it's still relevant!) and admin discord would be most welcome.

@gazimoff The reason why I call out narrative heavy lifting is because I’m a firm believer in “play it, don’t say it”. Video games are interactive entertainment, and going heavy on early cutscenes pulls away from that.

I’m massively enjoying my time in Shadowbringers so far.

Yes, there’s a fair bit of narrative heavy lifting in the beginning, but it doesn’t feel like it’s overdone. Gritty, but very entertaining.

@makothemiqo Agreed! I'm off on a business trip tomorrow, but I'll look to get something set up this week!

So, the terms for appearing on the joinmastoson.org server list have been updated, and now require adherence to a covenant (joinmastodon.org/covenant)

We comply with most of these, which is great! Is this something you'd like me to pursue?

@belghast Indeed. There seems to be a great many prods to get people to spend money, and not many ways to encourage them to play.

Been playing it for a couple of days now, but I'm getting the feeling that Wizards Unite just isn't as much fun as Pokemon Go.

Looks like the EU servers will be down all day Thursday for the pre-Shadowbringers patch. It's nearly here!

@Aywren Wow, huge congrats! That's a monumental effort :)

With this kill, I earned my Dredgen title in Destiny.

Bloodstained Release Thoughts - I spend a large chunk of my birthday playing this game and it has lived up to all of my hopes for it.


Chocobo Caveat Emptor - Nexus weapon nonsense in and a word of warning about the extremely poorly designed Fat Black Chocobo Mount Amazon promotion.


@pyra Aye, just need to find some people to have ramen with now :)

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