@Marathal aye, did it once in WoW. In the end, it was better to just walk away than try to continue.

Hey all! We've had a bit of a medical emergency over at Chez Gazz, and I'm going to be offline much more than normal.

Thankfully, @Tarlicus and @belghast have agreed to help out providing any moderation cover that's needed while I'm away. They'll be looking after the mmostodon ;)

I'll be checking in from time to time but, for the most part, we'll be in their very capable hands :)

@belghast Yep, got a PS4 and Xbox One, so we should be good. I might end up gettig one of those external PC drives though - good point

@angerina @mazer I'm incredibly glad to hear that everything's OK, but I'm also sorry that you have to go through all this :(

Because I've been humming it at work the past week, I'm probably going to buy some soundtrack discs on payday.

Thinking I might get the Stormblood and Heavensward ones, but are there any others you'd suggest?

@donavyn I've mentioned it before - I'm disappointed for several reasons:

- the way it was handled by Kotick etc without a hint of compassion in their voice.

- the way it targeted CS and community, as if those who interact with the players most don't matter

- the way it put dev above everything else, as if those laid off don't feed valuble data into the dev process and make games better

- the way it felt like an investor-focused decision above all else.

@mythros Oh wow - that's incredible! How long did it take you to cap out them all?

@angerina Eek! Do they replace the windows if they blow them out? Fingers crossed it all goes safely for you.

@flow Congrats! Have you decided where or if you're going to reroll?

And I've resubbed to FFXIV! Downloading. Excited!!!

YOU GUYS look what spouse surprised me with! By @paperfixie, our smolest and most aggressive tanktato. I love it so frickin much. :blobaww:

Morning all! Hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing weekend.

This week, I'm planning on applying the latest update pack to mmorpg.social. I'm also hoping to make it to at least one roleplay night on Omega. Fingers crossed!


I understand where you're coming from. Personally, I walked from WoW because the content felt stale and dated. The game came out 14 years ago and I feel like all its offering me these days is a shiny chatroom to keep in contact with friends.

You know what else does that? Discord. And at least I don't need to pay a sub for that.

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