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Took this pic of Yoshida-san at FanFest - so awesome that he gets involved in the cosplay!

If gaming’s taught me anything, it’s that there’s an invisible wall and an unfinished zone behind these signs.

It’s not really been useful for much else, so I’m going to use this old Zbox as an internal test/dev box to cut down on VM usage.

First project will be @pixelfed -based. Should be interesting!

Reset my Shadow VM earlier today, so I'm now reinstalling some games on it. Gotta love that bandwidth.

I delivered a talk on gaming - theory, the industry, and development - last week. Went very well!

Now that I've freed up enough disk space, I'm getting :eso: reinstalled this weekend.

And yes, I'm thinking about buying a second SSD just to hold more games...

Played some more and completed the demo storyline. Opinions:

* Narrative pulled me in more than Destiny 2. I felt more involved with the characters etc.

* Gunplay isn't as good as Destiny 2, doesn't have the pacing of Warframe.

* World feels expansive (Javelin helps)

Conclusion: competent and fun, but didn't grab me as a must-have. Will definitely wait for reviews. Might buy at launch, more likely get the GOTY edition later.

Had a great time in this evening! Some light RP, some beast tribe dailies, some weekly challenges. All good!

Been working on BLU a ton this weekend!

:fate: Cleared a ton of Fates
:ffxivmsq_comp: Got all open-world spells
:ffxivmsq: Made it to 47!

Not far to go now, then I can start grinding the Carnivale and going after the remaining dungeon/trial abilities.

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