An update on spam from MMORPG.Social:

I apologise sincerely for the situation occuring. I'd been absent from the platform, and the solo moderator was overwhelmed by the unrelenting level of spam coming in.

Steps have now been taken.

Roughly 400 spam accounts have been identidied and suspended. Nearly a thousand toots have been deleted from the platform.

Measures have been put in place to block the spammers from returning. This includes new accounts requiring manual approval.

I will also reach out seperately to those we had a federation relay relationship with, and apologise to them directly. It may take time to earn back that trust and be accepted back into the fediverse, but that is my goal.

Going forward, I am aiming to ensure that the workload of moderating is distributed more widely, and that we can react more quickly to these incidents.

I would also like to thank everyone who raised reports and flagged spam. Your work has not been ignored.

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