Curious Case of Stadia - I go on at length about the pre-E3 Google Stadia presser and why we are probably not the target audience.

@belghast I think it'll struggle.

The sub is required to play from a collection of older games. Without a sub, you only get games you buy through their store.

But it also requires a meaty internet connection. There's some stats from Ookla etc that suggest most gamers will struggle to get 4K60fps. Your typical non-gamer internet connection (10-20mbps DSL) will deliver a pretty poor experience


@belghast Also, Stadia Base feels like a really weak offering. With Google's rep for killing off products, why would anyone buy games on the platform? Especially the $60 plus that new titles launch at?

It feels like they're going to repeat the mistakes of OnLive, Gaikai, etc, and provide a service and storefront that just doesn't grab people.

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