Finally unlocked the Alliance Raid roulette. What horrors await me behind this button? :ffxivmsq:

@gazimoff If by "horror" you mean a lot of people dying and tons of snark, that's what you can anticipate. Rarely do people actually explain the mechanics for the bosses, especially for the HW Alliance raids which are significantly more difficult than the ARR ones. I highly recommend check out some videos before jumping in.

@pyra Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely do that.

Are they popular content, or do most people skip them these days?

@gazimoff The Alliance roulette is a great source of EXP, especially for leveling up. At max level, they give a good fair bit of tomestones too. So people do them regularly. In truth, Alliance raids are one of my favorite things about FFXIV because these 24-man raids are done rather differently from what you would expect if you did the classic 25-man raids in WoW. However, some of them do have unforgiving mechanics, so it's definitely worth studying them first. For example, (1/2)

@pyra @gazimoff My two cents: Void Ark and Weeping City of Mhach will fulfill all your Shadowbringer glamour needs.

@angerina @gazimoff The Shadows of Mhach is my favorite Alliance Raid series. (The first picture is armor from Void Ark, the second one is armor from Dun Scaith.) This armor is from the Weeping City.

@pyra @gazimoff Ah, sorry, got mixed up. It's not a good day for me.

@pyra @angerina No worries! I've only unlocked the first tier in each raid (it looks like the later tiers unlock from doing the earlier ones).

Even so, I'm after as many tomestones as I can get :)

@gazimoff (2/3) The last boss of the Weeping City has a mechanic in which her hair turns into a scythe and wipes the entire half of the platform. If you're standing on that half, you get a nasty DoT plus damage that will kill you in four server ticks. The first boss of Dun Scaith is on a giant airship bridge and if you don't take shelter near an ice crystal, you will get blown off and die instantly. In the World of Darkness, for the Cerebus fight, you have to get Mini'ed first before (2/???)

@gazimoff (3/3???) getting eaten. If you don't get Mini'ed, but stand in the "Eat Me" puddle, you die instantly. In Rabanastre, the second boss jumps to the side of the arena with a flaming fist. Whatever side his fist is on is the side you don't want to be, otherwise it's another half-arena swipe, a DoT, and you die in two server ticks. ALL of these things can be easily avoided if one knows the mechanics, so yea, it's definitely worth knowing ahead of time. XD (FIN.)

@pyra @gazimoff there are a couple bosses were you could potentially drop an AoE somewhere that will mess up the group (third bosses from Weeping City and the final Stormblood alliance raid) but generally speaking the worst that will happen is you get yourself killed. 😛

All totally worth it at least once for the stories and after that for the XP (and those Weeping City caster and tank sets ❤️ )

@pyra @gazimoff also on my datacenter at least most of the snark seems to be in alliance chat so if it gets annoying you can always kill that off or exile it to another chat tab

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