It’s not really been useful for much else, so I’m going to use this old Zbox as an internal test/dev box to cut down on VM usage.

First project will be @pixelfed -based. Should be interesting!

@rtwx As you can probably guess, I've put the Lubuntu project on-hold. Box didn't really have the grunt for anything when having to throw out a GUI as well.

@gazimoff @rtwx It might be worth trying i3 or Openbox. I have a laptop with 1GB of RAM and a crappy CPU, and it runs decently well with Arch Labs (i3 desktop). Nothing else was anywhere close to usable.

@pixelfed it’s a Zotac Zbox Nano AD12 Plus, if you’re curious.

AMD E2-1800 processor, 2GB Ram, 320GB hard drive. Running Ubuntu 18.04, freshly patched and ready to configure.

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