It's now a week until FanFest Paris, so I thought I'd organise a little giveaway :carbongos: :

:ffxivmsq_comp: One SDS Fenrir mount item code.

How to enter? Just reply to this toot with a screenshot of your FFXIV character mounted. Simple!

I'll pick a winning entry midnight GMT on Jan 31.

Anyone from any Mastodon instance can enter (doesn't have to be Boosts are welcome. but don't feel obliged to!

(and yes, I'll be doing giveaways for other games too!)

@contempo_enterprises You can always use a choccobo porter to simulate a real mount :)

@Toyoshiro Thanks for the entry, and welcome! Hope you enjoy it here :) :ffxivmsq_comp:

@Addlime That's fantastic! :hq: Also, welcome - hope you like it here :) :ishgard:

@gazimoff Ohhh... don't have the bike yet, but I do have a new pony! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

@gazimoff My recently fantasia'd main, Sylbwyda Koeniyrnwyn & her trusty Griffin!

@shayla nice one, thank you for the entry! Also, welcome :moogle:

@gazimoff small Laladin on a big bird :) Took quite some coaxing of friends to collect the feathers for this one :D

@Olivar So magestic! Thanks for the entry, and welcome :)

@gazimoff :) Will take some time to get used to this compared to Twitter :D

@Olivar well, there's always if you're looking for a Twitter-style interface ;)

@gazimoff Am I doing this right? BTW finally remembered to sign up!

This is Barry. Barry doesn't share the camera. Not with me, not with anyone. I'm surprised he let my arms show.

@gazimoff I'm not all that interested in the bike, but I really want to show of my pegasus :carbongos:

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