Played some more and completed the demo storyline. Opinions:

* Narrative pulled me in more than Destiny 2. I felt more involved with the characters etc.

* Gunplay isn't as good as Destiny 2, doesn't have the pacing of Warframe.

* World feels expansive (Javelin helps)

Conclusion: competent and fun, but didn't grab me as a must-have. Will definitely wait for reviews. Might buy at launch, more likely get the GOTY edition later.

@gazimoff I'm sorry it didn't grab you! :( I really, really like it. Maybe I'm just easily distracted by pretty explosions. LOL

@Traellan No need to apologise!

I'm intrigued by the story, world and setting, but I'm very aware that I only saw a snapshot of a larger game. Hence my 'wait for reviews' comment.

If it's promising, I'll buy it at launch. If it needs more time, I'll wait for a GOTY edition.

Gunplay and combat aren't bad per se, but they didn't win me over like Destiny 2 and Warframe did.

@gazimoff I'm waiting and seeing. I had hoped it would be Destiny 2 but with more/clearer RPG influences (more gear slots/variety, more distinct class roles, etc.).

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