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I'm Gazimoff pretty much everywhere on the Internet, and have been playing MMOs and online games for nearly two decades now. I've written, youtubed and streamed too. Yes, I'm old.

I've tried most of the big names - WoW (since Vanilla), SWTOR, GW2, ESO, Tabula Rasa, LOTRO, DDO, AION, B&S, WildStar, AoC, RIFT, and more besides.

I'm currently spending most of my time in FFXIV, pushing my way to 70 in readiness for the Shadowbringers expansion. It's a huge amount of fun!


#LOTRO .. server/s? toon name/s? kinship/s?

I'm playing mostly on Laurelin at the moment ...

also - Hi!


Hey hey! Sorry I missed this earlier - it's been a day.

It's a long time since I played LOTRO, so I'd have to check where I am, but I had fun with my time in it. Will check tomorrow!

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