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It's now a week until FanFest Paris, so I thought I'd organise a little giveaway :carbongos: :

:ffxivmsq_comp: One SDS Fenrir mount item code.

How to enter? Just reply to this toot with a screenshot of your FFXIV character mounted. Simple!

I'll pick a winning entry midnight GMT on Jan 31.

Anyone from any Mastodon instance can enter (doesn't have to be Boosts are welcome. but don't feel obliged to!

(and yes, I'll be doing giveaways for other games too!)

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Struggling to get to grips with MMORPG.Social? Hopefully our hot-off-the-press Getting Started guide will help!

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An !

I'm Gazimoff pretty much everywhere on the Internet, and have been playing MMOs and online games for nearly two decades now. I've written, youtubed and streamed too. Yes, I'm old.

I've tried most of the big names - WoW (since Vanilla), SWTOR, GW2, ESO, Tabula Rasa, LOTRO, DDO, AION, B&S, WildStar, AoC, RIFT, and more besides.

I'm currently spending most of my time in FFXIV, pushing my way to 70 in readiness for the Shadowbringers expansion. It's a huge amount of fun!

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Hello and welcome to all the new joiners who’ve just arrived! Why not yourself by sharing what MMOs you’re playing or what you’re hyped for? And please feel welcome to message me if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy your time here!

Fresh off the printer. This is part of a dice tower (other pieces are still in the works). The whole model is available on Thingverse!

Still a newbie, but I’ve been practicing miniature painting with this Cadre Fireblade.

@href Just to follow up on this, would it be possible for me to reapply to rejoin the relay please? Completely understand if the answer is 'nope'.

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Been working on painting minis, and really wanted to give Commander Shadowsun a go. I love almost everything about this... apart from painting white armour. Especially pleased with her hair and the base.

Been doing some further work on the 3D printer, dialling in settings and trying to improve the quality. Dungeon tiles are looking great, and I’ve almost got it right for minis!

Dialling in my settings on the 3D printer. This is going to take a few more iterations, but I’m getting there.

@href Hi there. Not sure if you got my email, but I wanted to apologise for the deluge of spam from It should all be cleared up now (400 accounts suspended, thousands of toots deleted), but we've switched to approval-required registrations just in case.

Further MMORPG.Social updates!

:esotemp: Platform reszed to a larger VM (may be temporary)
:gw2wp: OS updated
:mmostodon: Mastodon updated to v3.1.4!

I will also reach out seperately to those we had a federation relay relationship with, and apologise to them directly. It may take time to earn back that trust and be accepted back into the fediverse, but that is my goal.

Going forward, I am aiming to ensure that the workload of moderating is distributed more widely, and that we can react more quickly to these incidents.

I would also like to thank everyone who raised reports and flagged spam. Your work has not been ignored.

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An update on spam from MMORPG.Social:

I apologise sincerely for the situation occuring. I'd been absent from the platform, and the solo moderator was overwhelmed by the unrelenting level of spam coming in.

Steps have now been taken.

Roughly 400 spam accounts have been identidied and suspended. Nearly a thousand toots have been deleted from the platform.

Measures have been put in place to block the spammers from returning. This includes new accounts requiring manual approval.

I play a lot of location-based games (a.k.a. ) but this one? I wonder how fun this will be.

Who will play?

Earth pre-registration in Google Play is now available.

It’s been a while, so a quick update on all things Gazz:

Completed Shadowbringers, thoroughly loved it, and wrote a review on it. Started raiding and working on secondary jobs.

Son is now 6 months old and devouring a lot of my time. He’s adorable, but needs a lot of attention.

Not doing Gamescom for the first time in years, which feels great.

Lots of other RL stuff happening, which I’ll share in the next few months. Keeping me very busy!

@gazimoff The reason why I call out narrative heavy lifting is because I’m a firm believer in “play it, don’t say it”. Video games are interactive entertainment, and going heavy on early cutscenes pulls away from that.

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I’m massively enjoying my time in Shadowbringers so far.

Yes, there’s a fair bit of narrative heavy lifting in the beginning, but it doesn’t feel like it’s overdone. Gritty, but very entertaining.

So, the terms for appearing on the server list have been updated, and now require adherence to a covenant (

We comply with most of these, which is great! Is this something you'd like me to pursue?

Been playing it for a couple of days now, but I'm getting the feeling that Wizards Unite just isn't as much fun as Pokemon Go.

Looks like the EU servers will be down all day Thursday for the pre-Shadowbringers patch. It's nearly here!

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