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I'm Gazimoff pretty much everywhere on the Internet, and have been playing MMOs and online games for nearly two decades now. I've written, youtubed and streamed too. Yes, I'm old.

I've tried most of the big names - WoW (since Vanilla), SWTOR, GW2, ESO, Tabula Rasa, LOTRO, DDO, AION, B&S, WildStar, AoC, RIFT, and more besides.

I'm currently spending most of my time in FFXIV, pushing my way to 70 in readiness for the Shadowbringers expansion. It's a huge amount of fun!

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Hello and welcome to all the new joiners who’ve just arrived! Why not yourself by sharing what MMOs you’re playing or what you’re hyped for? And please feel welcome to message me if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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Quick tip: click on Local Timeline (the group of 3 people) to see public toots from everyone on Great if you want to see who's joined, or find people to follow!

@angelstein Hello and welcome, we hope you enjoy it here!

We've put together a getting started guide to explain how it all works, but please ask if you'd like any help!

Have a low level Arcanist on Zalera in FF. Decent server? Should I move? This is a toon I started long ago.

Got to level 24 on BLU. Need to work on learning Mind Blast next, which is going to be annoying. :moogle:

. I have two keys up for grabs for a weekend test starting tomorrow. Please let me know if interested. There is an NDA.

Day 17/100 Without Fantasia: fine-tuning my Darkknight outfit 🖤

Time to learn what all this Blue Mage fuss is about... :ffxivmsq_comp:

Very soon I am about to fill your feeds with posts! Just a few more hours until keys are sent and we can play! Will anyone else be hopping on today?

Hoping I actually get some time to play games today. It’s been crazy busy these last few days.

Struggling to get to grips with MMORPG.Social? Hopefully our hot-off-the-press Getting Started guide will help!

Ringed Earth-Like World with Galactic Hub in background

Lol, what’s your favorite memory of the Burning Crusade?

Apparently nothing.

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the US-Borean Tundra Server opening. I am taking some photos tonight in Old Dalaran on the steps to the Violet Citadel at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific to commemorate the day. I tried putting the word out in the General forums, but not many responded. Hopefully I will be able to get a few dozen Alliance and Horde to show up. For us, it has always been about community.

That's a big ice cap - I wonder if it's tidally locked to the star?

@gazimoff Yeah. Hey, out of curiosity, are there any older or less-known MMOs you think might be worth trying?

So like everyone else playing today, I am excited about Blue Mage. So, here are a few shots of Sita!

If you haven't tried battle or victory poses as a blue mage, I highly recommend it. The looks Sita gave me were FIERCE Queen!

Elder Scrolls Online: ELSWEYR. Dragons and Khajit! New Necromancer class (my favourite). Said they had record year in 2018 and are doubling down this year.

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