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It's now a week until FanFest Paris, so I thought I'd organise a little giveaway :carbongos: :

:ffxivmsq_comp: One SDS Fenrir mount item code.

How to enter? Just reply to this toot with a screenshot of your FFXIV character mounted. Simple!

I'll pick a winning entry midnight GMT on Jan 31.

Anyone from any Mastodon instance can enter (doesn't have to be Boosts are welcome. but don't feel obliged to!

(and yes, I'll be doing giveaways for other games too!)

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Struggling to get to grips with MMORPG.Social? Hopefully our hot-off-the-press Getting Started guide will help!

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An !

I'm Gazimoff pretty much everywhere on the Internet, and have been playing MMOs and online games for nearly two decades now. I've written, youtubed and streamed too. Yes, I'm old.

I've tried most of the big names - WoW (since Vanilla), SWTOR, GW2, ESO, Tabula Rasa, LOTRO, DDO, AION, B&S, WildStar, AoC, RIFT, and more besides.

I'm currently spending most of my time in FFXIV, pushing my way to 70 in readiness for the Shadowbringers expansion. It's a huge amount of fun!

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Hello and welcome to all the new joiners who’ve just arrived! Why not yourself by sharing what MMOs you’re playing or what you’re hyped for? And please feel welcome to message me if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy your time here!

Division 2 Impressions - I spent time playing this weekend and found it to be a game with more hope than the original.

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend!

I did a little more raiding in Pokemon Go to take advantage of Rayquaza weekend. Didn’t get any good ones, but the candy pickup was worth it.

I’ve also pushed further into the FFXIV post-Stormblood MSQ, and I’m well into patch 4.2 territory. Aim is to clear up to current before June!

AggroChat Podcast #244 - Loot and Item Scaling

Return of Doctor Grace! Also some discussion about Anthem Loot and Scaling issues, Final Fantasy XIV Eureka and Mario Rom Hacks

Direct Download:

Blog Post:


Impatiently waiting for a good and old friend's wedding to start 😍

Minor odd bugs and nonsense aside, Div2 is a successful predecessor to the first one. (Gotta sport my Ghost Recon badge, too!)

Managed to get out for a bit today and take part in a raid! Worked out nicely as I picked up a Rayquaza!

So question... largely for the MMORPG.Social crew since they see them all... but for anyone who follows me. I tend to encapsulate my morning blog posts in CW tags largely as a way of condensing the space that they take up in a timeline. So... having done this for awhile... is this a help or a hindrance?

Currently losing at Prime World. :ms2slimepet: Also gonna play some Slime Rancher (if I can get it set up.)

was obligated to make an account when i saw that this post is called a toot. hello!

So due to content lull and other reasons I gave in to the itch of poking at WoW again. I haven't gotten BFA and have no intention to right now. I'm mostly just enjoying dorking around on this silly boy and writing stories involving him and some other characters since it's helping me get past my writing funk.

As always, I still love this trash heap the most. Dacien's always going to be one of my strongest muses.

Morning all!

So, I’ve been trying to play on the PS4 over the past week, and miserably. And I think it’s my own inability to switch between kB/mouse and controller play styles.

So I’ve started using a Shadow Ghost to play in the living room with a virtual PC, and it works great. Just need to get a wireless keyboard...

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