I'm going to start playing Archeage Unchained (basically a buy-to-play version of the game with no P2W) when the game launches on the 15th with some friends. Pretty excited about that.

@belghast Yeah, that's one concern with the reference "blower" cards for sure. I'm thinking about going with an ASUS modified one since they seem to run a lot cooler. Out of curiosity, what are you running? I'm still trying to figure out just how much graphics power I really need.

I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card from a GTX 550 TI (yes, I know) to an RX 5700 next week. Does anyone have any experience with the AMD 5000 line so far?

May I just say that LBRY absolutely nailed it with their latest interface update. The tag system for providing video recommendations and showing why videos pop up is bloody brilliant.

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Reflections from the field:

"Just built my friend an AMD based Linux gaming system".

"It runs like a champ. Setting this up was a new experience, haven't had a gaming PC since I switched to Linux a couple of years ago.

I did a lot of gaming in the past on Windows PC's. I was really surprised at how smoothly this new machine plays games.

Hardware is modest, a Ryzen 5 2400G / 16GB 3200Mhz memory and an NVMe M.2 SSD on an MSI B450M Pro. All under $500.

Read all ==> reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comm

@nico@mastodon.social I feel that. I've made some friends through school or work, but don't really go to hang out when things get rough.

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New Linux Lads episode is out:
Pinebook Pro preorders • MintBox 3 • 10 Years of Zorin • The Linux apps we know and love • Eating ice cream in the name of

Nintendo E3 just gave me more reasons to buy a Switch. Not sure if my wallet can handle it anytime soon though :P

I recently stumbled across a game on Steam called Himno. It's a small, free game that the dev made as a way for him to relax, and it's absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth checking out. Also, the soundtrack is really lush and emotive. I've been listening to it a ton recently. danfarley.bandcamp.com/album/h

@gazimoff I'd love to see some more news on Ashes. I've been watching every livestream and loving all the small details, like the backpack system.

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Picked up the soundtracks from the merch store, because I can’t stop humming the tunes everywhere... :carbongos:

Also, Neverwinter bears a striking resemblance to Ashes of Creation. I wonder if Intrepid based the placeholder look on Neverwinter, or if it's purely coincidence. Either way, I'm still hugely excited for AoC. I'm always impressed with the attention to detail and thought that goes into each decision.

I've been playing Neverwinter recently due to a friend getting into it, and I've actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Once I replaced the music with my own playlist anyway XD.

I'm glad I made a Spotify playlist for occasions like this. In case anyone's interested, here's the link open.spotify.com/user/livethet

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They did such a great job making Forochel feel like the lonely untamed wild. ❄️ ❤️

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@coleyz ✋ Here! What distro are you running, just out of curiosity?

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