This is my new mage in Bless Online, Kurohaneko. ^_^ She's still only level 4 atm, but I like how the character design turned out. I spent way too long messing with all the little details and makeup accents to get everything just right.

Well, I tried Allods Online today and really enjoyed the world and story. I'll keep playing it to see how it progresses, and continue to try out some of the other ones on my list. Not sure exactly when it became my prerogative to try every MMO ever made, but here I am. XD

Hello all! I just joined.

I've tried dozens of MMOs (Seriously. I made a list XD), but have only recently decided to get into the MMO community a bit more and meet more people. I'm currently playing GW2, PSO2, LOTRO, Bless Online (yeah, I know), and I want to try Lineage II. I haven't landed on one to really stick with quite yet.

FFXIV is one of my favorites, but unfortunately I can't really afford the sub atm since I'm a college student.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys. ^_^


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