I'm re-downloading FFXIV. I just bought a month of subscription time for myself as a reward for making it through finals week. I can't wait for that "time remaining" to hit 0. :ffxivmsq_comp:

@firverior Congrats in defeating finals week! What are you planning to hit up?

@gazimoff Thanks! Sorry for the delay. Not sure if you mean in FFXIV or college, so I'll answer both haha.

I'm still really low level in FFXIV (17 currently) so I'm still near the starting area in Gridania doing all the quests there.

As for college, I'm going for my AAOT. Considering game development or maybe IT. I like music production as well, but I realized recently that I don't want to do that as a career.

@firverior Ach, still new! Hope you enjoy the journey. Are you doing it solo, or do you have a team of friends keeping you company?

@gazimoff Yep! I guess I didn't need to pay again since I'm still so low level... It's free till 30, right?

Yeah, I played it for a few months a couple of years ago, but couldn't afford the sub after a while.

I'm solo atm. I'd love to level with people, but I don't have too many friends that play.

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