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trying to clear o10s each week with half a static is... exhausting. always the worst luck with healers😭

still had 2 fantasias sitting around so why not. temporary change~ 🤔

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PSA: Healers, despite what is told to you, you ARE expected to DPS when you hit cap. This is especially true in EXtreme and Savage content. Your healing kit and abilities are strong enough to make this happen, so learn how to utilize your class and anticipate 100% participation. Learning how to master your abilities makes you a powerful healer and great boon to your party/static.

I put it off for a few days but finally sat down and grinded out my seiryu bow :ffxivmsq_comp: :carbongos:

Talking to my friends a surprising amount of them had no idea you didn't have to wait to upgrade your scaevan gear with 24 man coins each week, you can trade the upgrades for peerless mark logs!! Just got my second upgrade today putting me at 395, do your hunts kids!!

finished all the new patch content! now time to grind out seiryu ex for my new bow🐍🏹

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When you've watched too much Bleach and you have the power of God and Anime on your side.

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finally hating myself through eureka but at least i got my dyeable bard top :hq: 💖

Hopping on the train:

I'm Arlo, 23, and I've been playing mmos for the majority of my life. My first mmo and love was World of Warcraft that I played seriously up until the end of Pandaria. Continued playing casually and infrequently until a friend introduced me to FFXIV and I've never looked back. I've been a healer main my entire mmo career but since FFXIV the bard life is for me👌

Speaking of introductions, meet my newest alt and time sink:

throwback to fresh 70 little baby💖 i love the 70 bard gear so much, its a shame the pants disappear on female models🙄🙄🙄

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