Okay SO I couldn't stand looking at Ereanne anymore. I like Elezen, but encountering them every now and then ingame is enough :D
I changed Ereanne's appearance and name, now she's a Miqo'te named Yoshie Ueto. Please say hi ^_^ :ffxivmsq_comp:

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I kinda feel like continue levelling some twinks in but whenever I log in, that feeling vanishes. Like. As if it never existed.
Vulpera would be a good motivation for me to come back but afaik we still don't know whether they'll be playable or not. Also rep grinding is not exactly what I call fun plus I still have to do all the stuff on Horde side... OTL

Ereanne slowly makes her way. I moved on from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa. She's still not level 20 because I got carried away with chopping trees along the way...
Having all those possibilities is a bit ... frustrating somehow. Also I consider changing her race because her anatomy really starts to bother me :/ Meh.

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That scaring moment when your laptop takes forever to boot after a Windows update.
I'm totally not internally screaming rn.

Feruah wishes you a good night <3
I logged in earlier to take a few screencaps of her. I left her in Dalaran last time I played her and I was just struck by the fact how much the musical theme of that city makes me feel at home. So far I only had that feeling when I wandered through the forests of Quel'Thalas.
Idk, I'm not that happy with the game atm but I think I won't abandon it so soon.

Idk what happened the past 48 hours but WOW Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a time consuming game :'DDD
I love this universe so much ugh... Totally wouldn't mind an MMO based in Golarion tbh.

I'm weak and I just LOVE to play around with character creators... OTL
I made a Miqo'te named Karya, and a Lalafell named Mimiyu today.
The game has so much to offer but I don't manage to get past level 10 with even one character because I'm confused, get lost, and am way too curious about how it feels to play a character from a different race... :'D

no mmorpg content, game screencaps, may contain #GRIS spoilers 

Since my SO is over since Christmas Eve (she lives 700km away) I didn't get to play much MMO the past days, but today I took my Joy-cons and played through GRIS.
And OMG this game is so amazing. Pleasing in every way I expect from a game. I didn't manage to clear it on 100% this time so I have to play it again some time.
It's sososo pretty though, aaaah <3

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Finally got to look into today. I enjoy it a lot but I didn't get to the point where I have to fight yet, haha. I'll wait until then before I spend money on it XD
But seriously, I spent an hour in that character creator... So here she is, Ereanna. I decided to make her ranger for starters. I have no idea what kind of character she's yet but ideas will pop up sooner than later.

Downloading and now~ I'm looking forward to trying them out :ms2shroom:

Here we gooo~
His name's Riryon and he's a Void Elf btw :3c I don't have much background for him yet (he has no sense of humor...) that's why I won't post him as part of TellYourStory ^^

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Okay, last thing for today - let's try to get my Alliance monk from level 58 to 60 so that he can FiNaLlY fLy AnD dOeSn'T hAvE tO wAlK aNyMoRe~


I never cared much about Overwatch although there are a few characters I find visually pleasing.

But Ashe takes the cake and makes me sad that shooters are just not my cup of tea (TβŒ“T)

Just saw that is on Steam Sale... I'm indecisive. Should I buy it or not?

- next one is my Gnome warlock Fynan. She doesn't have that much of a backstory yet, except that she's quite cynical, sarcastic, and has a problem with any other race besides gnomes and dwarves. She's best friends with my SO's gnome monk.

My next character for is my Draenei arcane mage Ylvinia, Vini for short.
Vini is about 50 years older than Feruah. Feruah's cousin introduced them and they're best friends ever since. Their characters are completely opposite to each other - Vini is confident, extrovert, sassy, rarely hesistant, and lazy in her studies.
Feruah's mentor doesn't like Vini much because she's always up for causing mischief - not that the girls would care.

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