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I've released a Culture Generator for randomly generating fantasy cultures. Still a work in progress, but here it is:

Did my first group quest tonight in ESO. Met some friendly people, and had a brief verbal spar (though not too hostile) in zone chat. Definitely a change from, say, General Chat in WoW.

Loving ESO so far. I'm certain I'm not building my Wood Elf Nightblade "correctly," but I don't care. He uses almost exclusively bow powers, does some woodworking, and is pursuing a career in the Sijic Order. Currently level 14.

In honor of Captain Marvel, I'm tempted to stat up an alien cat that can contain superuniversal powers.

If anyone here plays Project Gorgon, look for me! My character name is Borokeer, and I usually play in the evenings CST.

Decided on a combination: will be playing Elder Scrolls Online AND Project Gorgon. This assumes that I can actually regain access to my PG account, which I apparently never associated with my Steam account...

OK, here's my short list of MMORPGs I'm considering:

- Black Desert Online
- Elder Scrolls Online
- Guild Wars 2
- Project Gorgon

Anyone have any thoughts on any of these?

Finally home after a two week honeymoon in Thailand. Both of us are ready to game again after not touching a computer that whole time.

Oof. With ArenaNET about to do mass layoffs, I don't think it's the right time to jump back into GW2. Removing it from the list of games I'm considering.

Going to be jumping back into MMOs now. I just need to pick a game. Not feeling the FFXIV just now. WoW is also not in the running. What games should I have a look at?

Brand new to this community. Haven't set an avatar yet because I'm currently in Thailand and my computer's on the other side of the Pacific. Looking forward to meeting new friends!


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