I wrote about some of the process that goes into procedurally generating fantasy worlds on Dev.to: dev.to/bovermyer/building-fant

Is Grinding Fun? - this morning I talk about why I tend to enjoy grinding, so long as it doesn't feel forced upon me.

Apparently Twitter is down. I didn't know until just now, because I'm on Mastodon. =P

Going to give WoW another go this weekend, since they gave me a free 3-day subscription.

One of the changes I'm working on for my Iron Arachne website is to improve the typography.

I'm looking at increasing the body copy size for better legibility. I'm also investigating typefaces that have better legibility for dyslexic readers.

At the moment, I'm tentatively settled on the following:

Headers: fontsquirrel.com/fonts/eczar
Body: fontsquirrel.com/fonts/libre-b

Really enjoying SWG: Legends. I've noticed that doing daily harvester maintenance runs is really relaxing.

In case you didn't get the WoW 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition from the Blizzard Gear Store before it sold out, it's currently for sale on Newegg.

I went over some of the results of the controversy behind Librem One over here: linuxliaison.org/librem-one-th

Seems that things are right again and that they did right by those who care about the cause :) Let me know what you think in the end.

"Purism has a long history of giving back and working with upstreams and continues to release everything Purism authors under free software licenses in accordance to Purism’s Social Purpose Corporation Articles of Incorporation." #LibremOne


Going to see Endgame tonight. So, internet blackout begins.... now.

Played a bit of Return of Reckoning on Friday night. Not sure if I'll be playing more any time soon, though... ESO drew me back in. But still, RoR has potential.

This weekend I'll be trying out Return of Reckoning, the Warhammer Online private server. I've been _very_ impressed with how well it runs so far. I'm looking forward to giving it a real go.

In one day, I have paid off all of my remaining debt after nineteen years of continuous debt, AND signed a lease on a place over three times the size of my current home.

There might be a lesson here.

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