Division 2 has released, early access for pre-order folks has already begun.

I am discouraged though that there are loot boxes for cosmetics in the game, even after you spend the money for pre-order stuff.

Do you think that this is Industry Greed?

We just finished Round 1 of the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2019

Yesterday we've seen the closest poll so far:

Assembly 52 - 48 Lisp

In the other match Haskell and C# went neck-and-neck, but in the end Haskell scored a 58 - 42 victory.

16 languages are left, and Round 2 is starting in a few minutes with these matches:

D - Bash
Fortran - Scheme

Round 2, Match 2 of the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2019

After a first round upset, in which it knocked Java out of the tournament, Fortran is now facing its next contender:

[ ] Fortran
[ ] Scheme

Home-made weather station:

Built with an ESP8266 micro-controller, BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure sensor and a 0.96" OLED display.

The case is a printed version of the modular-case project I announced here a few weeks ago: github.com/muesli/modular-case

One more:
This started off as an actual college assignment. Of which I was encouraged to seek a writing degree instead of a technical one.

Nonetheless, here is a story in 'journal' format about Italian Immigration to America:


Here's another story that I put together. This came to be after a role play event in EverQuest was destroyed by 'griefers'.


Mint's making her UTAU debut, officially :) I posted it before but this is on youtube and has more info and whatnot. it was supposed to be on Miku day but :akkoshrug:

you can listen to her first cover and download her voicebank here: youtu.be/pqK2xb946ZM

she'll be doing a cover with Yuka Takahashi pretty soon and an original song after that, yaaaay~

Really looking forward to the Grim Dawn expansion!

Weekend of ARPG fun ... spent time in Warframe with the wife, conquered a survival mission for an hour ... fighting level 84 hordes of mobs. Then spent time in Path of Exile with the new league just starting, I have to say that I like this league better than I liked Betrayal.

Someone needs to make a decision about time change, and please make the right one.

This light-years-beyond charming tiny astronaut necklace is tired of the lifelessness of the interstellar dust and wants a new travel buddy! Launch it to your space station before it drifts out of reach!

More at xxyxxyart.com

#tiny #astronaut #necklace #sculpted #ceramic #gold #whitegold #mastoart

In other news, found an interesting game called Last Epoch (lastepochgame.com/) wondering if anyone is playing it currently, plans to support the kickstarter, or anticipates it at release?!

Betrayal League for Path of Exile officially ends today, 1pm PST

Diablo 3 Season 16 End of Season date has been pushed back until May. Speculation is that the next season is going to be as 'big' as this season.

The question that I want to know, once our characters change from season to standard, do they keep the Ring of Royal Grandeur affect as well?

So .... how many folks are going to pre-order Division 2 now that the open beta has concluded?

Did anyone else play the open beta of Division 2 this weekend? If so what are your thoughts, like it or hate it?

Was playing Grim Dawn this past weekend, I had it apparently in my Steam list of games and didn't know it. Has anyone else played this before?

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