A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Arkansas until 7 PM CDT t.co/i1WLIwWGEW

Official statement from Square Enix regarding getting Heavensward for free: press.na.square-enix.com/relea

It is now free in NA for both PS4 and PC and will be free until June 27th, the day ShadowBringers Early Access drops. :ffxivmsq_comp:

Non-Disclosed Update for Torchlight Frontiers:

First night playing it, and I had a blast. The game plays a lot like its predecessors but you can see other people in the game as well.

As it is with Alpha, there were a few issues that I noted that I think is significant.

Even at high resolution 4k display, all graphic settings configured to the highest setting, played smoothly and the details in the graphics were amazing.

So my chronically ill, non binary, asexual partner has started making the most adorable knitted animals and they're currently doing a pride range that include Bree the Biceratops, Tilly the Transceratops and Peter the Pansexual Stegosaurus. They'll be at #OpenSandwiches in #Manchester on Saturday at Nexus Art Cafe from 1930 and they have a Facebook page.

Please boost if you like them and think your followers would like them too!

I lucked out and was chosen to participate in the closed Alpha Test for Torchlight Frontiers.

I'm excited!

Reads in a manual:

"From the Special Functions screen, touch Employee"

Not sure what 'special function' would be touching 'Employee', but still think you may need to obtain the Employee's permission, first. =)

Jedi Train Heist - Crisis at Umbara and what would have probably been a major story mic drop... trying to keep these largely spoiler free


Watched Alita: Battle Angel over the weekend and was insanely impressed not only with the effects but also with the story.

Anyone else?

This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

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