And then from there.
Grinding and grinding until June 28th

Gonna predict that 4.5 Part 2 is going to release on March 26th. The Tuesday after the Japanese Fan Fest.

@mazer @belghast No no, the 2nd tank was useful, they pressed the button on the tower at the Behemoth fight 😂

Huh, so I have noticed today (probably has been thing for a while) that Labyrinth of the Ancients, they have changed it from being a 2 tank per team to 1 tank.

So that means ALL 24-man raids in are now 3 tank, 6 healer and 15 DPS)

I have a couple of days off this week, so that means that I can sit down for most of those days and play

Final Fantasy 9 is out on Switch, Xbox One and Windows 10 (Via the Microsoft Store).

£16.99 or €20.99 in RoI.

Xbox & Windows is using the "Play anywhere" thing, so if you buy for one, you get it for the other.

@rtwx Sorry only seeing this now. It's not a Private Server. It's just a classic server (Ala WoW: Classic)

Also I got an email yesterday about TERA releasing TERA Classic in the EU.

Note: It's GameForge, stay clear of it.
Either play the US version or better yet, play on a private server. GF has been notoriously bad at releasing updates in EU and making most of the store Pay2Win (Compared to the US or KR versions)

After a busy couple of days of playing catch up, I managed to sit down and play a few games of

Fun spin on the battle royale mode. More fun and accessible than PUBG/Fortnite

I just need to work now on 'git gud'.

But then I have also got to deal with too.

Too many good games out and not enough of time to play them.

@gazimoff Nice, it'll be my 2nd (was at London in 2014)

And it'll be my first time going to France, so gonna take a couple of days to explore :)

Anyone heading to EU FanFest this weekend?

Was going to run DREX tonight but I am waayyy to sleepy. Gonna wait till Tuesday cause of the maintenance.

Might play PoE tomorrow.


Hi, I am Crakila Fors'ee.
I mainly play Final Fantasy XIV on Cerberus.
Been playing since 2013.

I delve into other MMO's and that from time to time when there is a lull period in FFXIV.


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