Huh, so I have noticed today (probably has been thing for a while) that Labyrinth of the Ancients, they have changed it from being a 2 tank per team to 1 tank.

So that means ALL 24-man raids in are now 3 tank, 6 healer and 15 DPS)

@crakila oh wild, I did not realize they swapped this out. Probably for the best.

@belghast @crakila had to happen so alliance roulette could be a thing; in hindsight I'm curious what six tanks even did back in the day 🤔

@mazer @crakila one did nothing for the most part... I tried to dps as a warrior prior to dps stance

@mazer @belghast No no, the 2nd tank was useful, they pressed the button on the tower at the Behemoth fight 😂

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