And then from there.
Grinding and grinding until June 28th

Gonna predict that 4.5 Part 2 is going to release on March 26th. The Tuesday after the Japanese Fan Fest.

Huh, so I have noticed today (probably has been thing for a while) that Labyrinth of the Ancients, they have changed it from being a 2 tank per team to 1 tank.

So that means ALL 24-man raids in are now 3 tank, 6 healer and 15 DPS)

I have a couple of days off this week, so that means that I can sit down for most of those days and play

Final Fantasy 9 is out on Switch, Xbox One and Windows 10 (Via the Microsoft Store).

£16.99 or €20.99 in RoI.

Xbox & Windows is using the "Play anywhere" thing, so if you buy for one, you get it for the other.

Also I got an email yesterday about TERA releasing TERA Classic in the EU.

Note: It's GameForge, stay clear of it.
Either play the US version or better yet, play on a private server. GF has been notoriously bad at releasing updates in EU and making most of the store Pay2Win (Compared to the US or KR versions)

After a busy couple of days of playing catch up, I managed to sit down and play a few games of

Fun spin on the battle royale mode. More fun and accessible than PUBG/Fortnite

I just need to work now on 'git gud'.

But then I have also got to deal with too.

Too many good games out and not enough of time to play them.

Anyone heading to EU FanFest this weekend?

Was going to run DREX tonight but I am waayyy to sleepy. Gonna wait till Tuesday cause of the maintenance.

Might play PoE tomorrow.


Hi, I am Crakila Fors'ee.
I mainly play Final Fantasy XIV on Cerberus.
Been playing since 2013.

I delve into other MMO's and that from time to time when there is a lull period in FFXIV.


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