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AggroChat #265 - Shadowbringers Spoiler Show - Part 1 - The first part of our full spoilers deep dive into the Shadowbringers Expansion story arc in Final Fantasy XIV including the whole cast of AggroChat and a special guest and friend of the crew Shiana.

Familiar Frustration - World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth and the continued lack of ways to get decent weapons

Game Music Composers - as part of Developer Appreciation Week I talk about a handful of my favorite Video Game Music Composers

Hype, Cynicism, and Concern - some talk about the Destiny 2 PC account copy process, and then unrelated general commentary about games hype

Obsidian Entertainment - as part of the Developer Appreciate Week I talk about Black Isle/Obsidian Entertainment

YouTuber Appreciation - a spin off "Developer Appreciation Week" I talk about twelve channels that I regularly consume content from.

AggroChat #264 - Needing Other Players - Destiny 2 Armor 2.0, Fire Emblem Warriors, 8Bitdo Pro+ Controller, World of Warcraft Nazjatar, Mechagon and some talk about Classic and the need of having others to do content spurring social systems

Optimizing out Communication - talking about and the golden age of MMORPGs. Featuring actual 4:3 screenshots from my early days in .

Weekend Update: 2019-08-12 - SAM progress in , Waiting for patch in and I apparently patched up this weekend for reasons?

AHHHHHH! Finally! I finally have set up a price list website. Took me long enough eh? 😂

For those interested here:-

AggroChat #263 - A Farewell to Elves - Goodbye to the Warhammer Fantasy Old World, Gloomhaven PC, Gencon 2019, Stellaris Board Game, True Dungeon, Pathfinder 2E, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, House of X, Powers of X, Gundam Mobile

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@kaniini @Elizafox I've not been that way in awhile, but it still has most of its windows gone and such doesn't it post tornado?

Viral Questionnaire - a virus is spreading through the community and I am choosing to infect seven more victims

The Screenshot Game - A morning view of the lengths of madness I go through to organize of several hundred gigs worth of screenshots

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