AggroChat #268 - Chatroulette but Wholesome - Tonight we talk Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Greedfall, Kind Words and some more World of Warcraft Classic.

The Success of Classic - I big long rambly post inspired by Bhagpuss about the draw of as compared to "Retail"

Goldblood Caravan - I talk about my love of the Bloodsail Buccaneers server in and a really cool guild that does pop up RP events.

Fun With Psychic Scream - playing through the DDoS and Grace's constant attempts to grief me with fear mechanics.

Regularly Playing: September 2019 Edition - my semi-monthly run down of what I have been playing over the last month.

Groupcraft Refresher Course - I revisit my old GroupCraft series with in mind, and talk about strategies for making groups happen.

A Complicated Relationship - talking about and getting to revisit time when I was unabashedly in love with the game. Double post day!

AggroChat #266 - Shadowbringers Spoiler Show - Part 2 - We continue our full spoilers deep dive into the Shadowbringers Expansion story arc in Final Fantasy XIV and also a bit about the Eden Raid.

Faulty Memories - it is the little things that your brain betrays you on in or how I tanked RFC without tanking abilities.

Story Engine - finishing Tirisfal in and some commentary about Tamrielo's mega twitter thread from yesterday

The Kraken Rises - I had a ridiculous amount of time being a total noob again in and fighting over spawns!

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