AggroChat #300 - Three Hundredth Intro - We sit down without a script to discuss exactly how the show came into being and how each of the cast members joined. Many detours happened along the way.

A Discord Problem - the post I originally planned on making today inspired by @ChestnutPlays who was in turn inspired by @TelwynGSF

Hidden Gorge - in which @ThalenFirebeard is too pure for words and I run some content with @DiscGrace and Mor

Chunky Robo Ranger - annoyed by how bad PSO2 looks on Xbox One and then some Trials of Mana, WoW and FFXIV

AggroChat #299 - Please Backup Your Dog - Cloudpunk, Modern Consoles are PCs, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, Elder Scrolls, Sudoku, Paper Mario, and Ghosts of Tsushima

since it exists and I fully support more tulsa fedi, I set up an alt over at @temple because why the hell not

Old Man eyes and Game Generations - Talking about the Unreal Engine 5 footage and how it doesn't feel like a full generational leap.

@gazimoff very nice! I keep going back and forth on buying a 3D Printer, I think I would ultimately go with a resin printer for all of the miniatures I could print :)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Hopes - high hopes but also some significant concerns due to the recent track record of the series

@Crash @gazimoff I gave it the good fight for about two weeks before I gave up on it :( I was going in and blocking new spammers each day, but did not have more control over the deeper admin functionality

Top Five Most Viewed Posts By Year - I shamelessly steal a post idea from @wilhelm2451 because I found it extremely interesting

Blapril 2020 Rundown - I spent the weekend tabulating results, and here we have the virtual awards ceremony for

AggroChat #298 - Faces Ground and Griefers - Monster movies and the Terror in Meeple City, a discussion of what grinding is and is it fun, and our argument that PVP and PVE don’t mix well in a game

Fel Flames and Motivations - talking about farming raids for cosmetics and the Gamer Motivation Profile

Age of Shareware - talking about the era of try before you buy software and its theoretical return

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