@plausocks yeah.... I could see it being a safety risk to shoot out sharp metal discs :)

@plausocks so something similar to an pitching machine, but instead of spitting out baseballs it spits out crushed cans?

@gazimoff it has a lot of problems and seems needlessly complicated. Also Spell Energy is way more of a problem than Pokeballs ever were. Meaning you spend a lot of time not being able to do stuff without spending currency.

@baronvonjace I always meant to pick up a model 2 genesis to go with the model 2 cd, so it would take up less space... because paired the classic genesis is really wide

@baronvonjace jealous! I have a CD type two attached to my classic genesis and it looks mostly dumb and less stacky!

Other thing that happened yesterday... I'm apparently a Wizard Cop now. 5415 0711 0144

Intense Aetheric Activity - the madness continues. I am roughly five to nine runs away from finishing my Nexus weapon in FFXIV.


Chocobo Caveat Emptor - Nexus weapon nonsense in and a word of warning about the extremely poorly designed Fat Black Chocobo Mount Amazon promotion.


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@mxsiege at the very least.... you think we would have found a corpse of that instance by now :P

@waifu so you are saying the guy from the Eric Andre show eats people?

Bloodstained Release Thoughts - I spend a large chunk of my birthday playing this game and it has lived up to all of my hopes for it.


Trial of the Braves - I finish my Anima weapon and move on to the Materia stage in FFXIV... also Bloodstained released!


AggroChat #256 - Excessive E3 Rambling - We talk about Lapis X Labyrinth and then go down a rambling path where we talk through some 30 plus games that were announced surrounding E3.

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Avarice and Guns - I finally knock out the Avarice Conquest in Diablo 3 and spend some time poking around Destiny 2


E3 2019 Rundown - Part 3 - Wrapping up my thoughts on E3 with some talk about the Nintendo Direct and general impressions of the shows as a whole


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