I think I am probably the only person still using this instance... but I have been fighting a lengthy fight against bots. I am thankful that @gazimoff made me a mod, but lord getting rid of the spammers has been a thing

@belghast Sorry - I've been away a lot recently. I've put a block in place, and I'm working through cleaning up the instance. It's definitely a thing.

@gazimoff @belghast IIRC this is a big reason why Elekk has "closed" registrations.

Quotes because anyone here can invite new members and interested parties can email Ellie, but that extra step helps keep us slightly more sane,

Also: Welcome back, Gaz!

@Crash @gazimoff I gave it the good fight for about two weeks before I gave up on it :( I was going in and blocking new spammers each day, but did not have more control over the deeper admin functionality

@belghast @Crash I think we have it sorted. Deleted 400-ish accounts and roughly a thousand toots.

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