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Once again @ammosart outdid herself, this time with the Monster Hunter World variant of Belghast with adorable Baan Astronaut Kenzie too! So Freaking Awesome!!!

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I star an awful lot of toots... it is largely my way of saying "hey I appreciate you existing" ... similarly I favorite a lot of selfies because I am in awe of the ability to randomly post pictures of yourself online, because I do not have that instinct at all

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I thought I would set up a pinned toot of where to find me on various gaming platforms. - Belghast#1752
Dragalia Lost - 1281-7184-249
Elder Scrolls Online - @belghast
FFXIV - Cactuar - Belghast Sternblade
Pokemon Go - 1600-1372-6075
PSN - belghast
Steam - exetertbc
Switch - SW-6309-3192-1036

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Early 40s Husband, Furkid Dad, Blogger, Podcaster, Irregular Streamer, Programmer, Manager of Programmers, and person desperately trying to come off as an adult when he is completely certain everyone is going to find out he is a fraud. I will probably be talking about games or making random observations.

AggroChat #275 - Epic Conclusions - we talk about the end of a two year long Final Fantasy themed D&D Campaign, Warfame Updates, and the various things that happened at BlizzCon. Amazing Boss Art by the always excellent @QuinlokiArt

Regularly Playing: November 2019 Edition - getting back on the wagon with my semi-monthly update of what I am playing

Gjallarhornkin - More Altars of Sorrow event and I talk about the only rocket launcher I care about my God Roll Bad Omens

Seeking Infamy - that week where I may or may not have imagined a double infamy event in Destiny 2 but ground out a reset anyway

Outer Worlds Impressions - I talk about my experiences with the game so far with some mild tutorial spoilers

AggroChat #274 - It’s Not the Best Choice - Untitled Goose Game end discussion spoilers, PDXCon, Crusader Kings III, Fallout 1st, The Outer Worlds

A Partial Defense - talking Fallout 76 and the First subscription... and also a little The Outer Worlds

Slow Infamy - some Gambit Prime, knockout out challenges, Festival of the Lost and Leviathan talk

Accidental Chaperone - sluggish Thorn progress and finishing the Chaperone exotic quest without really intending to

Three Bananas - completing three sets of Iron Banner gear in and with that 2 valor resets and a malfeasance

AggroChat #273 - Donkey Wrong - Blizzard Shadiness Update, Riot enters all game genres, Ori vs Hollow Knight, Defense of Grinding, WoW Classic Boycott, ESO, LOTRO, Destiny 2, Donkey Kong High Scores Invalidated

Broken Down Stranger - I talk about the Adhortative, which looks like a trashed down version of NTTE or The Stranger's Rifle

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