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I star an awful lot of toots... it is largely my way of saying "hey I appreciate you existing" ... similarly I favorite a lot of selfies because I am in awe of the ability to randomly post pictures of yourself online, because I do not have that instinct at all

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I thought I would set up a pinned toot of where to find me on various gaming platforms. - Belghast#1752
Dragalia Lost - 1281-7184-249
Elder Scrolls Online - @belghast
FFXIV - Cactuar - Belghast Sternblade
Pokemon Go - 1600-1372-6075
PSN - belghast
Steam - exetertbc
Switch - SW-6309-3192-1036

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Early 40s Husband, Furkid Dad, Blogger, Podcaster, Irregular Streamer, Programmer, Manager of Programmers, and person desperately trying to come off as an adult when he is completely certain everyone is going to find out he is a fraud. I will probably be talking about games or making random observations.

Division 2 Impressions - I spent time playing this weekend and found it to be a game with more hope than the original.

AggroChat Podcast #244 - Loot and Item Scaling

Return of Doctor Grace! Also some discussion about Anthem Loot and Scaling issues, Final Fantasy XIV Eureka and Mario Rom Hacks

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So question... largely for the MMORPG.Social crew since they see them all... but for anyone who follows me. I tend to encapsulate my morning blog posts in CW tags largely as a way of condensing the space that they take up in a timeline. So... having done this for awhile... is this a help or a hindrance?

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Tales of the Aggronaut - Ignoring the Boycott - 2019-03-014 Show more

Tales of the Aggronaut - Anthem System Ideas - 2019-03-13 Show more

Sometimes I can't get over how Cosmo is like all tangly limbs #cats

Tales of the Aggronaut - Panel of Knobs - 2019-03-12 Show more

Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.6 - Higher, Further, Faster, Baby!

With the Hunter off in the wilds, the Two Titans bring you Gambit updates, Reckoning madness and what's changed this week.

How are you enjoying Gambit? Youtube video has a ridiculous comeback.

Proving you don't have to be good, just persistent!

PSA: The Square Enix store has Complete Edition on sale again! :ffxivtrophy:

Tales of the Aggronaut - Loot Problems - 2019-03-11 Show more

AggroChat Podcast #243 - Big Patchin - 2019-03-09 Show more

Tales of the Aggronaut - Masterwork Colossus - 2019-03-08 Show more

every time I see a CW with MH in the box... I get sorta sad inside because my brain reads that as something about Monster Hunter and then logic kicks in and reminds me that no... it is Mental Health

Tales of the Aggronaut - Energy Saving Mode - 2019-03-07 Show more

I haven't messed around in Gpose lately ... felt like getting some practice in with Isa this morning :carbongos:

Tales of the Aggronaut - Chonky Boi - 2019-03-06 Show more

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