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Once again @ammosart outdid herself, this time with the Monster Hunter World variant of Belghast with adorable Baan Astronaut Kenzie too! So Freaking Awesome!!!

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I star an awful lot of toots... it is largely my way of saying "hey I appreciate you existing" ... similarly I favorite a lot of selfies because I am in awe of the ability to randomly post pictures of yourself online, because I do not have that instinct at all

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I thought I would set up a pinned toot of where to find me on various gaming platforms. - Belghast#1752
Dragalia Lost - 1281-7184-249
Elder Scrolls Online - @belghast
FFXIV - Cactuar - Belghast Sternblade
Pokemon Go - 1600-1372-6075
PSN - belghast
Steam - exetertbc
Switch - SW-6309-3192-1036

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Early 40s Husband, Furkid Dad, Blogger, Podcaster, Irregular Streamer, Programmer, Manager of Programmers, and person desperately trying to come off as an adult when he is completely certain everyone is going to find out he is a fraud. I will probably be talking about games or making random observations.

Bel Folks Stuff - Episode 3 - Originally aired December 4th 2014 this is my discussion with Alternative Chat

AggroChat #284 - Pax South 2020 Rundown - AGDQ, Pax South 2020, Witcher Problem, The Year of Delays, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Tactics vs Strategy

Craig is Your Friend - I recorded the first new BelFolksStuff last night using Craig.Chat and as such I talk a bit about the experience

Limited Content Frustrations - talking about fighting FOMO and being okay with missing out on an event in a game

Slaying a Kingslayer - I finish a play through of Witcher 2 and talk about how I wish I had started with this game

AggroChat #283 - Decade Tabletop became Normal - Tonight we talk about how tabletop gaming has changed over the last decade and how we feel that after decades of misplaced concerns it has finally properly entered the mainstream

Bel Folks Stuff - Episode 1 - as a bit of a prelude to new episodes re-releasing the original set including this excellent discussion with @MMOsyl who kicked things off

Player Representation in Game Characters - this morning I go on a lengthy diatribe about why having a character you feel represents you is super important

Revisiting Folks and Stuff - scheming and setting forth a plan to restart this wayward and abandoned talk show

User Experience Challenges - the struggle of playing older games is dealing with non-standard UI design - largely discussing Witcher 2

Chasing the Forever Game - this morning I talk about my hopes for the year and the coming decade in a not quite resolutions post

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