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Once again @ammosart outdid herself, this time with the Monster Hunter World variant of Belghast with adorable Baan Astronaut Kenzie too! So Freaking Awesome!!!

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I star an awful lot of toots... it is largely my way of saying "hey I appreciate you existing" ... similarly I favorite a lot of selfies because I am in awe of the ability to randomly post pictures of yourself online, because I do not have that instinct at all

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Currently Playing - 2019-01-18 

Updating my Pinned Topic with a list of games I am actively/semi-actively playing.

Destiny 2 - PC
Dragalia Lost - Android
Elder Scrolls Online - PC
Final Fantasy XIV - PC
Monster Hunter World - PC
Pokemon Go - Android
Ashen - PC
Far Cry 5 - PC
Assassin's Creed Origins - PC
Magic the Gathering Arena - PC
Minecraft - Windows 10 Client PC

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I thought I would set up a pinned toot of where to find me on various gaming platforms. - Belghast#1752
Dragalia Lost - 1281-7184-249
Elder Scrolls Online - @belghast
FFXIV - Cactuar - Belghast Sternblade
Pokemon Go - 1600-1372-6075
PSN - belghast
Steam - exetertbc
Switch - SW-6309-3192-1036

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Early 40s Husband, Furkid Dad, Blogger, Podcaster, Irregular Streamer, Programmer, Manager of Programmers, and person desperately trying to come off as an adult when he is completely certain everyone is going to find out he is a fraud. I will probably be talking about games or making random observations.

Minecraft without Mining or Crafting - I've now spent enough time with Minecraft Dungeons to be able to give you a proper review and talk about why I don't consider this to be a good game.

Cypher and the Bail Project - an amazing afternoon/evening watching @cypheroftyr and her stream team raise what is currently over $180k for @bailproject

Fun With Fake Friends - This morning I talk about the Friend Avatar system from Phantasy Star Online 2 as well as a few tips for the Symbol Art System.

AggroChat #301 - Sega is Bad at Launchers - FFXIV Mogrocks, Rival Wings, Mindwipes, Afterglow Gaming, Phantasy Star Online 2 NA PC Launch

Assorted Things Learned about PSO2 - A second post in which I attempt to share more things that I have learned while playing Phantasy Star Online 2 during the North American PC Launch.

Awkward NA PC Launch of PSO2 - This morning I am talking about the issues that I encountered during the PSO2 North American PC Launch and the fixes that I ultimately found for them.

Livingroom Rain - unexpected indoor precipitation, FFXIV fishing, WoW, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft Dungeons and PSO2

Mineral Acquisitions - a weekend spent playing quite a bit of Final Fantasy XIV including getting back into harvesting

AggroChat #300 - Three Hundredth Intro - We sit down without a script to discuss exactly how the show came into being and how each of the cast members joined. Many detours happened along the way.

A Discord Problem - the post I originally planned on making today inspired by @ChestnutPlays who was in turn inspired by @TelwynGSF

Hidden Gorge - in which @ThalenFirebeard is too pure for words and I run some content with @DiscGrace and Mor

Chunky Robo Ranger - annoyed by how bad PSO2 looks on Xbox One and then some Trials of Mana, WoW and FFXIV

AggroChat #299 - Please Backup Your Dog - Cloudpunk, Modern Consoles are PCs, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, Elder Scrolls, Sudoku, Paper Mario, and Ghosts of Tsushima

since it exists and I fully support more tulsa fedi, I set up an alt over at @temple because why the hell not

Old Man eyes and Game Generations - Talking about the Unreal Engine 5 footage and how it doesn't feel like a full generational leap.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Hopes - high hopes but also some significant concerns due to the recent track record of the series

Top Five Most Viewed Posts By Year - I shamelessly steal a post idea from @wilhelm2451 because I found it extremely interesting

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