There are two thing consuming my life right now:
Good Omens and FFXIV. Balancing the two is HARD at the moment.

So. Pink hair like me IRL or ginger like I would be if I didn't dye my hair. Hmm.

I kinda get why is low but I always wonder why has such low numbers. Especially WvWvW and organized map event chains are fun to watch, aren't they?

@pyra That looks dapper and fierce and all sorts of awesome.

Man, I swore to never touch a game by Blizzard ever again, but Classic WoW? I'm tempted.

@Sulaco Honesty works best, really. "Hi, I'm a MMO hopper, I dont join guild because of that.", "Hi, just so we're on the same page, I'm probably older than you think."

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Anyone familiar with setting up Micropub in WordPress?
I'm not a developer and I've gotten it half-working. But I'm missng something and I don't know what.

@gazimoff I do, and they are nice people who always say hi and have a pretty garden.

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Anyone at all a cross-game guild in NA? I play , / , , and am vaguely eyeballing dabbling with . But I'm not sure yet. I'll probably try for a while but then give up or something, ngl.

@mazer @gazimoff I can open the profile if I look up my followers, but there is only a follow/unfollow button and no other options.

@mazer I guess I just have to wait and see if @gazimoff has an idea.

@mazer I can't see them on my timeline, they are muted. And I can't find the option to un-mute anywhere 😰

So... does anyone know how I unmute someone on this platform? Had to mute a guy for posting about Endgame and I wanted to make sure I don't see any spoiler, trailer, promo stuff at all.

@supster131 Congrats! And with a free pond with lilies on the side!

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