So. Pink hair like me IRL or ginger like I would be if I didn't dye my hair. Hmm.

I kinda get why is low but I always wonder why has such low numbers. Especially WvWvW and organized map event chains are fun to watch, aren't they?

So, how do I stop fiddling with the character creator, seriously? Currently it huge me that everyone uses the base face (5) on the left. And by everyone I mean 99% of midlander I meet in cities.

Also, still fiddling with character creation. If ANYONE knows how I can stop this habit, I'm open for tips. Or an intervention. Left is my current Ira, right is a version of her if I wouldn't use the base face 99% of midlander players use as well.

In all honesty though, if anyone asked Zenos the meme "Warrior of Light: marry, fuck or kill?" He'd just answer "Yes!" and space out, thinking about all of it.

There is one thing I need to put into words and out of my head:

A good friend of mine claims that the best villains are usually a bit gay (no offence, clearly). Zenos is one of those. So is his grandfather. And Gaius. And Nero. What's up with those Garleans?!

You know what immersion is? Having an outfit to just hang out at your house.

I get stupidly detail obsessed with character creations. This time, the past few days in , it's even worse than my obsession that had me create galeries of Granok skin and plant-hair mixes to pick the best match. I'm looking up what 1 to 100 prime numbers on the scale for hight translates into a prime number in mm body height as well. Don't ask why, I don't have a real answer.

The new theme is, emotionally, closer to Heavenward than Stormblood. Sometimes gloomy, but pushing you forward. It's hard to put into words.

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