So. Pink hair like me IRL or ginger like I would be if I didn't dye my hair. Hmm.

I kinda get why is low but I always wonder why has such low numbers. Especially WvWvW and organized map event chains are fun to watch, aren't they?

So, how do I stop fiddling with the character creator, seriously? Currently it huge me that everyone uses the base face (5) on the left. And by everyone I mean 99% of midlander I meet in cities.

Guys, watch this! It's hilarious (and true)


Scott teaches his stream the true meaning of the FF:XIV Shadowbringers trailer. 🔔 -------- Scott's Socials: Twitter ► https:/...

Also, still fiddling with character creation. If ANYONE knows how I can stop this habit, I'm open for tips. Or an intervention. Left is my current Ira, right is a version of her if I wouldn't use the base face 99% of midlander players use as well.

You know what immersion is? Having an outfit to just hang out at your house.

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