To all out there: What exactly does this mean on Bluehost Plus? Can I register two domain names with this? FAQ is unclear (to me).

@angerina domain is different from website. don't know these guys, but this would/could mean to me you can have multiple subdomains (aka websites) for your "only" domain...
BUT this could mean too, that if you have other domains managed through them, you could probably have these point to the save disk/bandwidth resources.

@angerina this basically means that you can host as many subfolders you want within your web root folder, considering that generally, a website will be found within a given subfolder. That being said, if you have just one domain name, you will probably have to juggle with subfolder structures ou subdomains to have them all working. If you want a separate domain name for each subfolder/site, you'll need to buy and link them separately.

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